Akhaltsikhe City Council Representatives Address Villagers’ Concerns

Akhaltsikhe, Georgia: The representatives from the Akhaltsikhe City Council recently convened a meeting with residents of Khaki and Sadzeli villages to engage with local communities and address their pressing needs.

The delegation included Deputy Chairman Ambartsum Baboyani, Deputy Mayor Ruben Karapetiani, City Council Majority Deputy Petros Varaniani, Members Artashe Balasaniani, Khoren Oganesiani, and a Mayor’s Representative. The gathering was a platform for open dialogue, allowing citizens to voice their concerns and collaborate on potential solutions.

During the meeting, the representatives of the local self-government actively engaged with the residents, discussing a wide range of topics about infrastructure development and community welfare. Among the primary issues addressed were the pressing needs of the villages and the strategies to enhance the quality of life for the local populace.

Notably, significant progress has been made in improving access to villages and internal communication roads, crucial for facilitating connectivity and mobility within the region. Additionally, efforts have been directed toward enhancing external lighting systems, a fundamental aspect of community safety and security.

The rehabilitation of the drinking water system emerged as a critical priority, underscoring the commitment of local authorities to ensure access to clean and safe water for all residents. The installation of a heating system at the local school was also highlighted, reflecting efforts to create conducive learning environments for students, especially during colder months.

The collaborative approach adopted by the Akhaltsikhe City Council and its representatives underscores their dedication to fostering inclusive development and addressing the needs of rural communities. By actively engaging with citizens and soliciting their input, the local government aims to formulate comprehensive strategies that resonate with the aspirations and requirements of the people.

In addition to addressing immediate concerns, the discussions also focused on long-term development goals and sustainable solutions to enhance the overall quality of life in Khaki and Sadzeli villages. Through concerted efforts and collective action, the stakeholders aspire to create vibrant and resilient communities that thrive on the pillars of progress, prosperity, and social cohesion.

The commitment of both the local government and the residents to work hand in hand towards a brighter future was visible.

Zurab Kvaratskhelia

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