Akhaltsikhe Municipality: A large number of people receive assistance from January to March

The Akhaltsikhe Municipality of Georgia has made a significant impact by providing financial assistance to 1427 people during the three months (January to March) this year. This assistance totalling 483472 GEL has been instrumental in supporting social and health care programs demonstrating the municipality’s commitment to its citizens.

The help has been provided under the “Rule of Social Assistance from the 2024 Budget of Akhaltsikhe Municipality”. During the mentioned period 646 beneficiaries received different kinds of social assistance in the amount of 161 129 GEL. It includes the following: 

  1. Social assistance for the families of newborns,73 families have been provided 21 050 GEL as cash assistance;
  2. 294 beneficiaries received social assistance under the disabled persons category with a total amount of 43 850 GEL;
  3. 4 elder citizens received social assistance of amount of 1600 GEL;
  4. Social assistance for visually impaired persons was provided to 42 beneficiaries with 3360 GEL;
  5. 12 beneficiaries received social assistance as war veterans with disabled status in the amount of 2085 GEL;
  6. Under “Akhaltsikhe Municipality House of Virtues” 164 beneficiaries benefited from the free dining service, for which 54 974 GEL was spent;
  7. 15 beneficiaries received social assistance under the category of orphaned children and 5160 GEL was given as assistance;
  8. 14 beneficiaries received funding under homeless and social protection in the amount of 6744 GEL;
  9. 22 beneficiaries benefits for kidney failure for which 5500 GEL was spent.

 Moreover 781 beneficiaries benefited who got medical services and medication treatment for which an amount of 322343 GEL was provided it includes: 

  1. Medical research for 131 citizens with the amount of 32036 GEL;
  2. 209 citizens helped with “Planned and Emergency Operations” with the amount of 97 034 GEL;
  3. The oncological patient package was financed to 174 beneficiaries with 105 228 GEL;
  4. Inpatient treatment was financed for 41 citizens with the amount of 10350 GEL;
  5. 7 people benefited from the medical package of veterans with the amount of 2211 GEL;
  6. 38 people were assisted with the medical package for chronic diseases and an amount of 8659 GEL was given as financing;
  7. One of the municipality’s key areas of focus is the rehabilitation program for children with special needs. During this period 181 beneficiaries received a total of 66,821 GEL in funding demonstrating the municipality’s commitment to supporting the community’s most vulnerable members.

At the same time 11856 GEL was spent from the local budget to co-finance the cost of bus transport for the municipality’s population.  To provide social and health care for the population, the municipality implements 27 kinds of sub-programs the local budget amounting to 1876600 GEL. Citizens can also benefit from seven health care sub-programs and 20 types of social assistance programs.

Zurab Kvaratskhelia

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