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Canada: CSIS Documents reveal Chinese govt’s role in tampering Canadian elections

Ottawa, Canada: The leaked documents from Canadian Security Intelligence Service(CSIS) have revealed the Chinese attempts to tamper with the Canadian elections. These documents stand as evidence for the multiple allegations against the Chinese Communist Party; including the Conservative Party of Canada’s claim of Chinese interference in losing them seats in the 2021 federal elections.

In addition to this, the Conservative Party of Canada has also claimed that China gathered information on the Chinese diaspora in Canada using the illegal operations of police stations. However, the facts, like from where and why the leaks originated, are still unclear and yet to be determined.

Moreover, the leaks tend to be politically inclined by the elements within CSIS to destabilize the current Government. And it is anticipated to intensify further with substantial political implications. Thus, both the Conservatives and NDP have urged for a public inquiry into the role of Beijing’s interference.

As a result, the Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, will be appointing a special rapporteur, who will work along with two national security committees to investigate in to the matter. The details about the appointment of the special rapporteur are yet to be known. However, the integrity of the process is expected to remain under the opposition’s criticism.

However, it is the liberals that might end up on the losing side with this inquiry as the allegations bring in the light of doubt the integrity of Canadian Democracy and the Government’s intentional underplay or burial of these allegations, considering the benefits they could receive.

According to the reports, the Canadian Prime Minister as well as his staff were informed about the same on multiple occasions. However, the unexpected intelligence leaks have left the governing party in a crisis mode, with PM Trudeau, who previously denied any seriousness of the reports, now ordering further investigations.

Satyam Dawar

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