Roberta Metsola hails Afghan women fighting for their rights

Europe: The President of the European Parliament, Roberta Metsola, hailed all the brave women who are fighting for their rights in Taliban governed country, Afghanistan. According to her, the Taliban’s unacceptable discrimination against women is adding to their plight and having a devastating effect on Afghan society. She also voiced out for women to have equal rights to study, work and live while extending support from the entire Europe, stating “We are with You”.

Recently, Afghanistan’s ministry of higher education issued a letter that announced an indefinite ban on university education for women.The Taliban even used barbed wire and armed guards to prevent Afghani women from entering universities. Moreover, teenage girls in Afghanistan are being banned from receiving secondary school education. 

The decision from the Talibani government received heavy criticism from International agencies, which condemned the move, calling it a step backwards for Afghanistan. The Vice President of the European Commission, Josep Borrell Fontelles, denounced this decision, stating “Gender persecution is a crime against humanity”. Women have the right to have the opportunity to contribute to and support the development of the country.

Similarly, the United Nations Human Rights stated that “imposing a ban on women from attending university is another appalling and cruel blow to the human rights of Afghan Women and girls and a deeply regrettable setback.”

Youth Icon ‘Malala’, on her Twitter account, wrote that “We’re witnessing gender apartheid in Afghanistan. World leaders and politicians must express outrage at the ruthlessness of Taliban’s violent discrimination against women and girls.” 

Currently, Women in Afghanistan have been fighting to claim their human rights to education, equality and opportunity. It is noteworthy that even Afghan men are supporting women and participating along with them in their protest against the Taliban.

Following the announcement, the male students in universities also refused to take exams in order to protest with women. Furthermore, male teachers have also resigned to join the protest against Taliban.


Zurab Kvaratskhelia

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