India: Goru Bihu kicks offs celebration of Rongali Bihu across Assam

India: Goru Bihu has kicked off the week-long celebration of the Rongali Bihu across the state of Assam on Friday. The first day featuring Goru Bihu showcased the culture of the rural folks who have livestock at their homes. The day is said to dedicated to these folks.
Goru Bihu is celebrated across the state on the last day of the month of Chot and after that the Boghag will be started. Further, the second day when Boghog get started marked the beginning of the new year on the Assamese calendar. While celebrating Goru Bihu, they extend their respect to the livestock of household, especially cattle with tradition gaiety.

On the celebration of the day, these folks took their cattle to nearby rivers or ponds and give them a proper bath. They also applied the paste of black lentils and fresh turmeric on the cattles. Further, the onwers also applied the leaves of dighalati and makhioti on the skin of the pets so that the infections and flies could be avoided. They are also fed a combination of a few local vegetables which included bottle gourd and eggplant to their pets so that they could be grown healthy in the future.

All the parts of the state have been celebrating the Goru Bihu on Friday. Along with that, the videos have also been captured from Nagaon District as the members of the Kanyaka Multi-purpose Farm in Jamugurihat were seen bathing their cows on the banks of Bharali River. They were bathing their pets while following all the steps associated with the tradition.

Similarly in Biwanath, the members of the Lakshmi Agriculture Multipurpose Project have also carried out the tradition in order to celebrate the festival. Bihu has featured traditional instruments like the Dhul and Pepa while showcasing the cultural heritage of the country.
Their unique sound and authenticity has captivated the music lovers in Assam and across the globe.


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