Iceland leads in Safety and Security; reveals World Citizenship Report 2023

United Kingdom: CS Global Partners, the London-based pioneers of the investment-immigration industry, published the World Citizenship Report 2023 in April. The report was based on in-depth analysis and comparisons between 188 nations, based on the five broad parameters referred to as ‘ Motivators’ in this report, namely Safety and Security, Quality of Life, Economic Opportunity, Global Mobility and Financial Freedom.

Micha-Rose Emmett, CEO of CS Global Partners

According to CEO of CS Global Partners, Micha-Rose Emmett, the report took into consideration a much wider perspective of the citizens’ opinions over their preferences of nationalities, which unveiled the fact that ‘Safety and Security’ is the major motivator for the citizens seeking alternative citizenship and Iceland was ranked highest in terms of safety and security.

Considerably, the Safety and Security motivator accounts for 25 per cent of a nation’s overall World Citizenship Index (WCI) score and measures the extent to which second citizenship can offer greater safety and security to the citizen; the reports revealed.

The recent international events like the Russia-Ukraine conflict, which pose a substantial threat to global security, testifies the vulnerability of peace in the world that has been interconnected, now more than ever.

Iceland ranks highest in terms of safety and security.

A survey participant in the World Citizenship Report 2023, on being asked about the motivations and what are the main reasons behind wanting to become a global citizen, stated that:

“I want security in the sense that if there’s any trouble, you’d expect that the country of citizenship should try and protect you, they may not be able to protect you, but they should try.”

Another participant noted: “I think human nature is such that we all have a survival mechanism and if you feel you or your family will be under threat, then you take some sort of evasive action. That’s not unpatriotic.”

It is noteworthy that motivator relies on data from the Global Peace Index (GPI), an annual report produced by the Institute for Economics and Peace (IEP) that estimates the relative position of nations and regions according to their levels of peacefulness.

Additionally, Safety and Security uses several dimensions from the Worldwide Governance Indicators (WGI) published by the World Bank, including Voice and Accountability, Political Stability and Absence of Violence, and Rule of Law.

In the World Citizenship Report 2023, Iceland has been named as the safest country with a score of 95.8 in the World Citizenship Index., followed by New Zealand scoring 95.1 and Switzerland with a score of 93.1 at the third position.

The leading country of the World Citizenship Report, Denmark bagged the fourth position in the Safety and Security motivator , with a score of 92.2 Norway stood at fifth position scoring 92.

Download the full report here

The other countries in the top 10 position in this motivator include, Finland(91.5) ; Austria (90.9) ; Luxembourg(90.1) ; Liechtenstein(90) and Ireland (89.5).

Zurab Kvaratskhelia

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