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Georgia seeks to join NATO despite Russian reservations

By Satuk Bugra Kutlugun
Anadolu Agency, 24 August '15

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18 18 '12
The problem of occupied territories in the process of Georgias European integration
By Dmitry Mandjavidze
Perhaps, it's time when openness, or so-called transparency, in relation to the public reached its critical point. The critical point, we believe is the line, which is followed by a break of confidentiality of politicians action, which can be even more dangerous than a lack of transparency. Full Article 

26 26 '12
Keeping An Eye on Canaries
By Alexander (Kakha) Lomaia
Before the devices measuring the content of poisonous methane gas in coal mines was invented, it was the canaries that were helping the miners. The public also needs some kind of canaries - indicators which allow measuring how things work in a particular area of public policy. Full Article 


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21 21 '13
Guram Odisharia: We came to build, not ruin
By Nina Akhlouri
We must remember one rule for the future we must not build anything in rush, nor must we rush to ruin as happened in the case of the so-called IMELI building on the Rustaveli Avenue. True, it had Soviet symbols in the form of bas-relief, such as stars and things like that But we should have retained those symbols because that is the history we have passed through. Full Article 

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01 October '15 18:27
We promise the government they will be shut down prior to Rustavi 2 - Director General
According to him, Kibar Khalvashi is fighting against free media not for his property.

01 October '15 18:25
The fact that the half of the former government is in prison, while the rest is wanted, is worrisome, - Pedro Agramunt
Agramunt also responded to the Chair of the Georgian Parliament's Foreign Relations Committee, Tedo Japaridze.

01 October '15 18:24
Rustavi 2 TV has been closed - Director General
Nika Gvaramia made the abovementioned announcement at a special briefing held in front of the companys building.

29 September '15 17:40
First woman appointed as governor in Pankisi Gorge
A woman was appointed a governor in one of the villages in Pankisi Gorge

29 September '15 17:37
US Ambassador attends funeral of Georgian soldier
Ian Kelly has attended the civil funeral of a Georgian soldier killed in Afghanistan

29 September '15 15:57
President continues visit to the the United States
Today he will hold bilateral meetings with the Presidents of Poland and Croatia and the Prime Minister of Belgium

29 September '15 15:51
Georgia has joined the Response Force - Irakli Gharibashvili
The head of state thanked President Obama and other world leaders for being committed to global security

29 September '15 15:50
Georgia to take part in UN peacekeeping mission
The Prime Minister made the abovementioned announcement for the Georgian media when assessing the bilateral meetings and events held during the UN General Assembly

Receiving the citizenship of the asylum country gives hope to people

Vis--vis the situation in Abkhazia, the authorities in control have requested all humanitarian organizations in February 2013 to limit their activities to Gali district. Thats where we are operating with some housing and livelihood projects to support the lives of people who have returned. UNHCR would be ready to assist any person of concern to UNHCR in the same situation, irrespective of their ethnicity or origin...  Full Article 

An open letter to PM Bidzina Ivanishvili

By Zurab Japaridze, MP (UNM)

Economy is not digits and statistics. Economy is a mix of decisions made daily by separate citizens. To do something or not to do, risk or not to risk, foresee for a year, 1year, 5 years, 10 years or 3 days. Overall exactly this kind of decisions are reflected on the very economic indicator about which I am talking from parliamentary or other tribunes and which tend to deteriorate constantly....  Full Article