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Georgia Online is the leading news agency that brings latest news from Georgia and around the world. Based in Georgia, the news portal has garnered over 4 million monthly users per month since its inception. We are a team of news professionals that work 24×7 to bring the latest updates to you in its purest form.

Aligning workforce education and training with in-demand jobs, locating new markets for Georgia products, attracting tourists to Georgia, and promoting the state as a destination for arts and location for film, music and digital entertainment projects, as well as planning and mobilizing state resources for economic development.
Georgia is a unique state in terms of its geography, history, and culture.

Key industries such as Arts, Commerce, Film, Music, and Tourism shape the economy and its people. We, as a state, integrate and support them collectively to create and sustain a diversified economy. And when we bring them together we have a very powerful story to tell. Watch this video to experience what Georgia has to offer you.