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Excursion tour held for students in Adigeni

Adigeni: The students embarked on a unique adventure, a hike that was part of the distinctive ‘Walk around Adigeni 2024’ project. This was not just a tour, but an opportunity for the students to explore their surroundings in a new and exciting way.

It is to be specifically mentioned that 30 students united under the framework of the youth project and have been provided the opportunity to visit the different sights of Adigeni. This was a wonderful trip, as the students got a chance to get to know each other better and gain a better understanding. They also had the opportunity to make friends and exchange ideas.

During the tour, the participating young people visited the Golden Castle in Adigeni Municipality. They came to know about the interesting facts from the tour guide and in the end  they received  souvenirs from the Adigeni City Hall.

The excursion hike was a collaborative effort, with representatives from Adigeni City, Hall Culture Service,Samtskhe-Javakheti State University and the Youth Agency joining the students. This collective participation made the event more enriching and enjoyable for everyone.

It is worth noting that the youth project is being implemented by the initiative of Gocha Kimadze, the Mayor of Adigeni Municipality, organized by the Culture Service and with the support of Samtskhe-Javakheti State University.

The university students also had an opportunity to show their skills and create projects that would be presented at the cultural and historical monuments located in the municipality. Almost forty to forty five students were part of this event. The majority of the group members wore green clothes.

They hike an old abandoned caste during their trip along with other friends as well. They also shared the food items brought with them and enjoyed the day as well. On the other hand, the members also took many individual and group photos to save them as a lifelong memory of the trip.

After the trip, they shared their experience. All of them laud the well-planned trip. They further demanded that this was a great initiative taken by the Mayor and another representative of the Municipality.Mayor also said that this kind of events will be held regularly in the future as well.

Renovated building of Art Museum opens with large-scale exhibition

Georgia: To celebrate the International Day of Museums, the newly rehabilitated second building of the Shalva Amiranashvili State Museum of Art was opened with a large-scale retrospective exhibition by the famous artist Levan Lagidze.

Rehabilitation of the second building of the Art Museum, with the promotion and initiative of the Ministry of Culture, started in 2021 and finished this year. They completely renovated 6000 sqft M of space, where work, conference, exhibition halls, and fund-raising units have been arranged according to modern standards. 

The building is equipped with modern security systems. Levan Lagidze’s large retrospective exhibition, “Painting,” was to “end in “the renovated exhibition space of the building. The exhibition was organized on two floors of the building and united more than 100 paintings by the artist, the owners of which are the author himself and up to 50 private collectors. Two works from Dimitri Shevardnadze National Gallery are presented. The exhibition will continue until August 18.

On the occasion of Museums Day, Georgian Minister of Culture and Sports Thea Tsulukiani opened a new building and awarded museum awards for the second time in independent Georgia’s history.

The event was attended by Nika Akhalbedashvili, Director of the Shalva Amiranashvili State Museum of Art; Giorgi Kalandia, Director of the Museum of Art Palace-Culture of Georgia; Nino Chipashvili; Academician Valeri Asatiani; museum employees; representatives of the museum field; and scientists.

This year, various museum awards were given, in particular:

  • Academician’s ShAcademician’shvili Award was given to Gulnaz Baratashvili, doctor of art science, for exceptional contribution to Georgian museum activities;
  • Academic Simon Janashia Award for exceptional contribution to archival activities was given to Merab Kezevadze, Director of Kutaisi Central Branch of the National Archive of Georgia;
  • Academician’s GiAcademician’sAward was awarded to ethnographer Tea Abramidze for his unique contribution to Georgian museum activities;
  • David Arsenishvili Award for exceptional contribution to Georgian museum activities was given to Anzor Okujava, Director of Zugdidi Dadiani Castle Historical-Architectural Museum;
  • Ethnomusicologist Ketevan Baishvili received the Akaki Chanturia Award. The Didgorma ensemble of the musical ethnographic museum organized the event.

The Ministry of Culture and Sports of Georgia, with the cooperation of the Ministry and the Irakli Farjiani Foundation, opened the first state laboratory of art research and expertise in Amercaucasia in the building in 2023. It is 542 sq ft.

A laboratory of international standards, equipped with modern equipment, has been set up in the M area. Its main goal and function is to conduct complex expert studies of art pieces in Georgia and the Amercaucasia region and to establish the authenticity of works using the latest equipment and modern technologies. 

There has not been such a laboratory of possibilities in Georgia before, and its opening is very important for Georgian art and artists, protecting their work and rights. In addition, the laboratory will contribute to the improvement of scientific and restoration work in the Art Museum, scientific research of exhibits, attributes, dating, authenticity, etc. 

This year, the renovated conference space of the museum’s second building hosted events lasting two days dedicated to the 125th anniversary of the great scientist and art historian Shalva Amiranashvili. Museum employees presented interesting reports at the conferences held on 26-27 March—Shalva Amiranashvili’s at the entrance of the second building of the Art Museum.

FYI: The new exhibition space of the Shalva Amiranashvili State Museum of Art will feature a permanent exhibition of the museum from October 2024.

On the first floor of the building, a collection preserved in the Art Museum’s judgments will be displayed with a new exposition interpretation.

The third floor will be given to Niko Firosmanashvili’s panels: “The Hunting and “The View “of the “Black Sea,” “The Epic of “Ak” eti or Daytime on Alazan, a panel in six pictures, “Grape picking, harvesting, and more. It is worth noting that some works have not been exhibited for 50 years. Also, 1900-1930 Georgian painting works will be displayed.

The fourth floor of the exhibition space will house masterpieces of Western European art from Paolo Veneciano to Vasily Kandinski.

New showroom space (1400 sq ft) m) Exposition policy is directed by the Exhibition Department of Museums Group of the National Museum of Georgia.

Museum of Art Palace-Culture celebrates International Day of Museums

Georgia: The Palace of Arts marked a significant cultural event, the International Day of Museums, with a captivating exhibition of oriental collections.

The Museum of Art Palace-Culture of Georgia held an exhibition of samples of the oriental collection and a catalog presentation. The catalog, authored by renowned Professor Giorgi Kalandia and published by Shorena Shaverdashvili, was supported by Stamba’ Sezani’ and published in Georgian, English, and Japanese. It includes more than 100 items, showcasing the depth of our oriental collection.

Georgian Minister of Culture and Sports Thea Tsulukiani attended the event. The Minister of Culture congratulated the museum’s staff and the public on International Museum Day and the opening of a new exhibition.

The event was graced by the presence of esteemed individuals such as Giorgi Kalandia, Director General of the Museum of Art Palace and Culture, Nika Akhalbedashvili, Director of the State Museum of Art named after Shalva Amiranashvili, and Nino Chipashvili. We were also honored to have Dovletmirat Seitmamedov, Turkmenian Emergency and Plenipotentiary Ambassador to Georgia, and Mehdi Saadatnejadi, Advisor on Culture at the Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran, among our attendees. 

Their presence and participation in the discussion of public diplomacy issues underscore the international significance of our oriental collection and the event.

Among the museum’s rich and diverse orientalist collection, visitors can immerse themselves in the cultures of Japan, China, the Middle East, Persia, Turkey, Afghanistan, Arabia, India, Indonesia, Nepal, Mongolia, Uzbekistan, and Turkmenistan. The collection includes textiles, furniture, jewelry, weapons, and various items, including a unique 4000-year-old nail-inscribed plate from Georgia, acquired with the support of the Ministry of Culture and Ross.

It is worth noting that, with the support of the Georgian Ministry of Culture and the initiative of the Museum Directorate, the museum collections were significantly replenished in 2020-2023.

Caucasus Int. University Host Conference on “International relation and Law”

The Caucasus International University, in collaboration with the Jagiellonian University Poland, hosted a conference on “Modern challenges of international relations and international law.” Ekaterine Chalaganidze, acting dean of the social and humanities department of Caucasus International University, opened the conference.

The conference was graced by the presence of esteemed speakers, including the ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Poland to Georgia, Mariusz Mashkiewicz, and Deputy Minister of Justice of Georgia, Buba Lomuashvili. Their expertise and insights added immense value to the conference.

The conference was a testament to the spirit of collaboration, with dignitaries from various fields coming together. The Director of the State Service of Veterans Affairs, Major General Koba Kobaladze, and the Director of International Relations and International Security of CIU were Among the many who contributed to the conference’s success.

It is to be specifically mentioned that almost  50 speakers at the conference presented papers in 3 sectoral sections. These sections of the conference included topics like regional integration, media and modern technologies, and international security.

Speaking on regional integration, the key speakers stressed that although the world has become a digitally connected village, cooperation at the regional level cannot be ignored to secure the interests of the countries of the Caucasus region. Similarly, the role of the media and modern technology has become very important. The sharing of information among the regional countries can be very helpful in tackling the security challenges of the region.

The experts also underlined that international security is no longer just confined to physical security but has become a question of cyber security as well. They also highlighted the efforts to safeguard cyberspace at the international level.  Notably, the reports presented in each section were evaluated by a commission composed of experts and academic staff. Moreover, at the end  all conference participants were given a certificate.

Georgian President denies assent to foreign agent bill using veto power

Tbilisi: The President of Georgia, Salome Zurabishvili  vetoed the foreign agent bill. The bill was sent to the president for her assent after it was adopted by   parliament in the third reading  few days ago amid the large-scale protest in the capital.

The protestors demanded the withdrawal of the law and called it Russian law, arguing that it would stifle the independent voice in the country.

After using her power, the president stated, “ I have vetoed the law on foreign agents as this law, it is in its essence and spirit, is a Russian law. Moreover, the provisions of the law are contrary to our Constitution and all European standards. If it is approved in its present form  it will create a number of obstacles to the European path of the country that gained the status of a candidate country of the European Union in December Last Year.

“This veto is not a result of a whim, but a decision based on sound evidence. It will now be submitted to the parliament for reconsideration” the President clarified. She further emphasized that this law, in her view, cannot be implemented and therefore, a simple veto is the only viable option. “In any case, there is no option except the withdrawal of this law,” she concluded.

The move comes earlier as president can normally holds any bill up to two weeks before the veto. She has said many times she is not interested in any blame game with the ruling  Georgian Dream over the Foreign Agents law.

It is worth noting that the ruling regime of the Georgian Dream Party needs 76 votes to overcome the veto. The spring session of the Georgian Parliament is set to go into recess on June 28, resuming in September. There is speculation about whether the ruling party will choose to challenge the veto or postpone the law until September, adding to the uncertainty surrounding the issue.

On the other hand, the police crackdown on the protestor was highly condemned by many regional and world leaders as well.

Georgia’s Minister Baghaturia attends Conference in Ashgabat

Ashgabat: Joseph Baghaturiab first Deputy Minister of Culture and Sports of Georgia visited Turkmenistan . He   attended the International Conference of Ministers of culture   dedicated to   Makhtumkuli Fragi, an outstanding thinker and poet on his 300th Anniversary.

Many ministers of culture of different countries of the world participated in this conference and shared their views . The government delegations, heads of international organizations, and representatives of scientific and creative societies also participated in this event.


The meeting’s main topic was work of Makhtumkuli Fragi’s and how it affected the culture and heritage of  Turkmenistan and neighboring countries. The participants also discussed the importance of cultural relations and cooperation between countries in bringing peace and stability to the world.

Minister Joseph Baghaturia congratulated the President of Turkmenistan and the event participants on the anniversary of Makhtumkuli Fragi during his address. He spoke about the importance of deepening the cultural relations between the countries, the joint cultural events of Georgia and Turkmenistan, and their potential to boost bilateral relations.

It is worth noting that the poet Makhtumkuli Fragi was a prominent representative of the  nation. He was a renowned philosopher, founder of the Turkmen language, writer, humanist, patriot, and thinker of the 18th century.  Makhtumkuli Fragi is also recognized as a classic poet of oriental literature. The celebration of its 300th anniversary is not only have the regional importance but is considered an important event on an international scale.

The other speaker also recalled the poet’s contribution. It should be noted that some of his works have been translated into Georgian lanugae.  Makhtumkuli’s manuscripts are included in the international list of UNESCO’s as the Memory of the World.

All the participants  agreed that the conference is important for the development of cultural relations, mutual cooperation, and rich historical and literary heritage between Georgia, Turkmenistan, and other participating countries.

Family Sanctity Day celebrated in Telavi

Telavi: The eight municipalities of the Khaketi region held a joint celebration in Telavi on family sanctity day. Giorgi Aladashvili, the state representative of the Khaketi region, coordinated the event.

On this occasion the clergy also held a prayer in the church named after the Mother of God of Telavi. Giorgi Aladashvili  the state representative of the Kakheti region  attended the chapel rituals with his family, representatives of the legislature, local authorities, and the population.

To mark this historic day  a procession was held from the Church of the Virgin Mary to the Telavi State Theater  where the clergy  government representatives  and other key speakers addressed the gathered population and congratulated them on their participation in the event.

The State representative of the Khaketi region  Giorgi Aladashvili  addressed the participants and stated, “The family is the foundation of any state, and protecting its strength is valuable and important for us. Moreover, from Kakheti, I congratulate everyone on the day of family sanctity!”


It is to be specifically mentioned that May 17 is celebrated every year as the day of the sanctity of the family and respect for parents. According to the government’s order this year  the day has been declared a holiday. The day of sanctity of the family and respect for parents was established in 2014 by the initiative of the Catholicos-Patriarch of All Georgia, Ilia II.

Since then it has been celebrated every year with great pomp and show. The participants attend the event with lighting candles in their hands.   On the other hand, the key speakers stressed that family values should be protected by all of us. They  also urged participants to show respect for each member of the family so that a healthy society can be created as well.

Meanwhile, the social media users also extended their best wishes to each other on this special day and thanked the state representative of the Khaketi region for successfully organizing the event.

Georgian PM invites protesting youth for discussion

Tbilisi: The Prime Minister of Georgia, Irakli Kobakhidze  said on May 17 that young people protesting should come forward to have a constructive discussion with the Government. He further said that the youth should participate in a healthy discussion on foreign agents  laws instead of violent protests.

PM took to his social media handle to extend his invitation to the participating youth. He said “ Everyone participating in the protest cannot be termed a violent protestor, as many have serious concerns about the law, and I would like to invite those peaceful protestors for a healthy discussion as well.”

He further added that youth is the future of the country. They should participate in the discussion to resolve the issue. The government is always ready to hear their remarks and suggestions, which can be implemented in the coming days.

The Prime Minister said, “Many would also remember that many opposition leaders were blackmailing the protesters for the political and vested interest. He also added that youth should not be provocated to use violent measures during the protest. They should always remember that violence cannot solve any problem.”

The PM   criticized foreign diplomats who comment on the country’s internal matters. He added that the controversy over the foreign agents  law is the country’s internal matter  and foreign diplomats should refrain from commenting on it.

“He also added that the opposition parties are spreading misinformation that the law will create obstacles for the European integration of the country  which is totally unacceptable. He added that with the consistent efforts of the ruling government of the Georgian Dream party  we had already been granted the status of the candidate country.

He expressed hopes that  with consistent efforts we will also achieve full-fledged membership of the European Union in the future. He reiterated his stand that the law has been introduced only to ensure transparency and not to stifle independent voices across any part of the country.

Georgia celebrates National Clothing Day on May 18

Tbilisi: National Clothing Day, which falls on May 18 every year, is celebrated with enthusiasm this year as well in Georgia. A number of activities are also held in different municipalities, including the city hall of the Martvili Municipality.


The Martvili city hall administration shared this information on their official Facebook page. They also posted beautiful pictures of the event with the participation of the choreographic ensemble.  The Facebook post stated, “On May 18, Georgia celebrates National Clothes Day. On this day, the Municipality of Martvili organized a national costume march with members of a local choreographic ensemble.”

The young members of the ensemble wore beautiful, colorful traditional clothes to mark the national clothing day in March. They also gave their performance on this special occasion.  The boys wore black clothes, whereas the girls dressed in  blue clothes with head covers. Georgia’s traditional dress shows its rich history and culture.

The day was established to keep the legacy of the traditional clothing culture of Georgia alive for future generations. The main folk dress of Georgia is called Chokha. This is the kind of national Georgian cloth of the country as well. Chokha was trading part of the men’s apparel.

This dress of chokha also has a holder for cartridges; however, now they are just ornamentals. There are four types of chokha. Choka-Akhalukhi was the best and most comfortable dress for fighters as it has a cartridge holder, which makes it easy to use for fighters.

Although nowadays people prefer to wear modern dresses, Chokha is still used as a symbol of national pride in many parts of Georgia.  The ensemble also clicked photographs after the mesmerizing performance to keep the memories safe for the future.  The municipality administration also stated that this is the best way to ignite young people’s passion for the country’s rich culture and heritage.