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Khashuri mayor inspects Christmas arrangement

Tengiz Chitiashvilma mayor of Khashuri Municipality of Georgia visited different parts of the Municipality to inspect the Christmas tree decoration and lighting installation works.

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Tengiz Chitiashvilma, who is the mayor of Khashuri Municipality of the Republic of Georgia has visited different parts of the Municipality. During his visit to different places he inspected the Christmas tree decoration and lighting installation works.

It is worth mentioning that In Khashuri municipality at the Dimitri Kipiani square the final works of New Year preparation are underway in full swing. As per the information provided by the local administration the Christmas tree in Khashuri will be lit on December 25, and The festive event will start at 17:30 to make the celebration of Christmas more memorable.


The Christmas tree lighting ceremony will be held in Surami on December 23 at 17:30, as per the latest information available so far.It is to be noted that on December 30 Khashuri Municipality will host a New Year event organised by the government administration in Dimitri Kipiani Square. The events will start at 2 p.m. and go on till late at night.

During the inspection mayor Tengiz Chitiashvili said that “Every year, we try our best to make our city welcome the New Year in a special way. These beautifully decorated Christmas trees across the locality create the New Year mood all over the country.

our municipality should not be an exception for being part of these celebrations. Khashuri municipality and all its inhabitants and guests who have arrived for these days really deserve a very beautiful Christmas tree for the celebration, and I think our municipality will live up to their expectations. Among these beautiful lights of different colours there are Christmas illuminations that were purchased by the decision of the government administration and handed over to our municipality as a gift on the eve of Christmas and New Year” adeded mayor.

“On the day of December 25, from 17:30 we would like to invite all citizens to Khashuri Dimitri Kipiani Square to light the Christmas tree and extend their best wishes. Happy upcoming Christmas and New Year to all residents of Khashuri Municipality as well as other citizens of our country. I wish all of you the best mood, new success, progress and happiness!” stated mayor.

It is to be specifically mentioned that there were preparations for the new year all around. The big truck with a lift was engaged to decorate a tall Christmas tree.

In the nearby parks and squares the statues of Santa Claus were erected. These statues of saints claus in red and white dresses reflected a unique scene for everyone.


Other preparations also included the decoration of a roundabout, the creation of flowers and other beautiful things that also made the celebrations more unique.

Notably Christmas is celebrated at a high level throughout the country.Meanwhile Tengiz Chitiashvili also took to his social media handles and informed regarding his inspection visit for Christmas celebrations. Social media users flooded the social media with posts for Christmas celebrations.

Tamar Xvedelidze commented, “Mr. Tengiz, many happy returns of the day. Whole GeorgiaBeautiful and welcoming, thank you. Maybe you can also make our streets beautiful; let’s go clean and beautiful before seeing, and don’t move with teeth.”
Kaxa Shirinashvili, while commenting on social media, wrote that “I wish the weather would be nice and everything would be fine!”.

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