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GCAA Approves PBN Implementation Plan for Georgia

The Georgian Civil Aviation Agency (GCAA) approved the Performance Based Navigation (PBN) implementation for Georgia. 

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Georgia: The Georgian Civil Aviation Agency (GCAA) approved the Performance Based Navigation (PBN) implementation for Georgia. 

Taking into account the requirements of the “Operation-Based Navigation Rule” that the Agency adopted within the framework of the implementation of Regulation (EU)N1048/2018 under the Agreement on the Single Airspace with the European Union (EU) in 2023, “SkyAeronavigation” has developed a plan for the implementation of operation-based navigation (PBN) of all three international airports. 


The Civil Aviation Agency agreed on the plan to implement Operational Features-Based Navigation (PBN) on February 21 this year.

Operational Performance-Based Navigation (PBN) is a zonal navigation system to implement:

  • Increases the efficiency of Georgian airspace;
  • It will contribute to the increase of airspace security;
  • It will help to reduce flight times of airplanes by installing optimal flight routes, which will result in fuel savings, reduction in noise and carbon emissions, as well as increasing environmental protection;
  • It will reduce the flight distance for airlines and delay for their air carriers;
  • It will reduce the workload of air traffic supervisors and pilots;
  • It will reduce costs of providing routes and procedures based on ground infrastructure;
  • It will increase the possibilities of choosing optimal traactors to fly in airports;
  • It wilI promote the development of air traffic flow by implementing more precise flight entry, departure and take-off routes;
  • It will Increase the ability to fly/flight at airports in severe weather conditions.

According to the General Plan of the Unified European Sky Movement Organisation, the implementation of PBN will be phased out by states, with countries to switch to its exclusive use starting from 2030. 

Work on the implementation of PBN in Georgia has started since 2016. Georgia will be in full compliance with European requirements and ensure the transition to PBN concept within the stipulated terms of Civil Aviation Agency.


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