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Georgia: Defence Ministry invites applications for Contract Military service

Ministry of Defense of Georgia has invited applications from Georgian citizens who are aged between 18 and 35 years old to contract military service .

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The Ministry of Defense of Georgia has invited applications from Georgian citizens who are aged between 18 and 35 years old to contract military service. The ministry invited persons who have relevant education or experience in various fields, including logistics, communication, medicine, engineering and chemical, aviation and air defence. In some categories, age relaxation up to 45 years can be availed.

As per the information from the Defence Ministry, an interested person has to go through the following steps which include:
• Registration for service
• necessary medical check-up
• course of Initial combat training course (BCT- 2 months)
Immediately after the day anyone enrols in the basic combat training course he will be provided With the following :
➣ in military uniform (with field equipment)
➣ With high-quality medical services
With regard to social and legal guarantees at the time of division at work, the territorial principle according to the place of residence of a person will be taken into account.


The initial pay scale of the regular recruit will be 1530 GEL. Moreover Salary will increase according to title, position and military experience.

Similarly, a One-time add-on involving the amount of 8 000 GEL will be given after the finishing of the first 4-year contract, which also includes cash on hand, and then after the end of the following contracts of cash on hand, for a 4-year contract with 16 000 GEL, 2-year contract for 6 000 GEL and for junior officers for the first 5-year a contract amount of 10,000 GEL for the second 5-year contract 20 000 GEL will be provided.

It is worth mentioning that the contracted military employee will benefit from benefits and privileges in both the state and business sectors.

The Ministry of Defense will also offer a serviceman and their family members (spouse, child) the facility of co-financing education in Georgian-authorized higher schools. Similarly, when studying in accredited undergraduate and graduate educational programs and for higher academic achievements, a scholarship of 750 GEL per semester (without tax and pension payment) will be available.

Moreover, the army will also offer them the opportunity to study foreign languages like English, German, French, Turkish and Russian, as well as the opportunity to participate in career courses abroad, including in Europe, Canada and the United States.

After starting a contract military job, the serviceman will have the opportunity to master additional professions of an electrician, electrical welder, heavy construction equipment operator, part technician, engine specialist, auto repairman, electrician, and low voltage electrician.


As per the latest information, interested people can register after visiting -Onlinebct. mod. gov. ge

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