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Saburtalo manager presents reports of 2023 Projects

Gizo Vasadze Manger District Saburtalo presented the report of projects completed in the district in 2023 during a public meeting held recently.

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Tbilisi: Gizo Vasadze Manger District Saburtalo presented the report of projects completed in the district in 2023. He presented this report during a public meeting held recently.

This significant event was attended by representatives of the City Hall, Chairman of the City Hall Giorgi Tkemaladze, Majoritarian Deputy of Saburtalo City Council Avtandil Tsintsadze, members of the City Council, Tbilisi Districts, as well as members of the Civil Council and a large number of the population.


As per the report published by the Department of Social Media, “ Road infrastructure, 65 701 sq. M is all sorted out in the area of locality. Under this project, there are nine streets where residents had to travel on the way back. In addition to this road works are being completed on Adam Mitskevich Street at 19,800 sq.m. In the M area, the asphalt pavement is being built, and the pavement and ramps are being installed”.

Moreover “recreational spaces were organised and rehabilitated, and squares were fragmentally repaired at 122 addresses. One of the most important projects in Didi Dighomi is the arrangement of a park in Ioane Petritsi N15a, near the Football Center of the Football Federation, 5,000 sq.m. Additionally, A recreational space has been set up in the M area. The area has been completely green, and about 600 different types of trees and plants were planted to make the area green and environmentally friendly”.

At the same time, by the decision of the Mayor of Tbilisi, near the Sports Palace on Berbuki Street N7 a new recreational space has been arranged by the administration.In addition, 76 garages and 6 illegal dumps were dismantled this year. As a result, new recreational areas were created at 4 addresses.

Similarly, rehabilitation of the sports field was held at eight addresses in Didi Dighomi, III microdistrict N8, and the building of a new basketball court was arranged. It is to be specifically mentioned that within the framework of the development of housing cooperatives, 148 projects were implemented, among which 96 elevators were rehabilitated.

With regard to the cost of the project total, 27,735 802 GEL was spent from the budget of the Saburtalo Board for projects implemented in the year 2023.

During the presentation, the winner also spoke about important projects planned for next year. On this occasion manager shows the presentation to give in-depth details of projects. He also expressed gratitude to attendee of the meeting for their presence at this significant meeting.


He also said that in the next year 2024, more projects will be constructed.

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