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Georgia: 120 people to get Vocational training

USAID (United States AID) and Zestafoni-based vocational training Construct2 institute in the next two years will provide skill training to one hundred twenty people.

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As per the information provided by USAID (United States AID) and Zestafoni-based vocational training Construct2 institute in the next two years one hundred twenty people will get skill training. They will be trained for the operation of heavy equipment and other skills for construction.

The representative of USAID recently visited the training centre and stated, “During our visit we had a productive meeting with the students and learned about the activities of Construct 2 and the efforts which are being made to promote the construction profession among women as well. B.K Construction founded the training tutorial, and USAID is supporting the study to expand education to meet labour market needs better by providing a skilled workforce”.


It is to be specifically mentioned that to support the industry of the country more than 100 vocational skills training institutes have been established , USAID has been working with a collaboration of the Georgian government and the private sector since 2021 to contribute to improving employment opportunities for citizens and the country’s economic growth.

It is to be noted that Over the period of the next two years, the USAID-supported Construct2 vocational school in Zestaponi will provide high-level training to 120 students for heavy equipment operation and other important skills in the construction field.

During their visit, the official of USAID also met with students and learned about Construct2’s efforts to promote the construction profession among women. The school Namely Construct2 was founded by the Ministry of Education and Science and BK Construction, and USAID is supporting the school to expand its course offering to meet labour market needs better.

It is worth mentioning that with the increase in competition in the labour market, the demand for highly skilled labour has skyrocketed in the last few decades. The construction sector also has a huge demand for highly skilled labour.

The heavy equipment that is usually engaged in the construction field needs a skilled workforce as well. The representative of the USAID agency also said that the agency has launched many initiatives to make Georgians more skilled so that they can get easy employment across the globe.

Meanwhile, at the training centre, the USAID representative also gets the in-depth details of the equipment. They also had a meaningful interaction with the trainee of the course who also expressed their satisfaction with the successful training session.


The skill-based education has become a need of the hour. The advancement of information technology and Artificial Intelligence also demonstrated that this is a time of skill education.

Many Georgian Universities and colleges in the past year have been established to help students themselves equipped with modern-day and demanding skills. These colleges and universities have also collaborated with many technical and training-providing centres to start their new programs for skill-based education.

On the other hand, the Georgian government and many Ministries are also providing big financial assistance for the upliftment of skilled education. The Government also collaborated with the Foreign government to give a boost to the skill education of the country.

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