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Georgian Notaries Participate in 34th Conference in Austria

The notaries of Georgia participated in the 34th Conference of European Civil Law Notaries in Austria on April 19, 2024, Friday.

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Georgia: The notaries of Georgia participated in the 34th Conference of European Civil Law Notaries in Austria on April 19, 2024, Friday.

At the conference “Europe’s Digital Century—Artificial Intelligence and Digital Transformation,” important topics were discussed, such as the impact of digital transformation on the notary profession, artificial intelligence: the fact factor and the rule of law, inclusion of protection of the rights of disabled persons, parental representation, and digitalization of trans-border legal production.


At the Conference, Ekaterine Nandoshvili, Chairman of the Board of the Chamber of Notaries of Georgia and Member of the Board, Notarius David Imnadze, discussed the importance of artificial intelligence with the members of the Notaryate of Civil Law of Europe. The Georgian Chamber of Notaries prioritizes the development of a digital notary office and the provision of simplified sanitary services for citizens.

Georgian notaries are constantly involved in the World Sanotary Network, they have the opportunity to share their professional experience with the members of the European Civil Law and discuss plans.

The 34th Conference of Notaries of the Civil Law of Europe was attended by the Presidents of the Austrian and German Chambers of Notaries, Member States of the Council of Notaries of Europe, Member States of the International Union of Notaries, and representatives of the scientific field.

Notary Chamber of Georgia

The Notary Chamber of Georgia is a public legal entity established on May 3, 1996, under the Georgian Law on Notaries. 

The Notary Chamber of Georgia is the union of notaries based on their compulsory membership and principles of self-governing. According to Georgian Law, the Notary Chamber is a legal entity of public law.


The Notary Chamber of Georgia represents and protects the interests of notaries, assists them in performing notary activities, encourages their involvement in solving the problems that the notariat faces, and implements the general professional interests of notaries.


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