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Otar Shamugia attend an event dedicated to Europe Day

Otar Shamugia the Georgian Ministry of Environment and Agriculture recently attended the event dedicated to the Europe Day .

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Tbilisi: Otar Shamugia the Georgian Ministry of Environment and Agriculture recently attended the event. The event was dedicated to the Europe Day celebration being celebrated first time Georgia on May 11.  He also visited the kiosks to inspect the various articles prepared by the employees of the Ministry.



It is to be added that large-scale events are being held in Georgia to mark Europe Day. Although Europe Day falls on May 9, however, this is the first time Georgia is celebrating Europe Day as a Candidate country on May 11.   Speaking specifically on this occasion Minister said “In the context of Eurointegration our task is to help farmers and entrepreneurs access the EU market. The access to the vast European Union Market to Georgian farmers will open the gate of opportunities. Moreover, exposure to the EU market will also enhance the quality of production in the local market as well.”


This dedicated event was attended by representatives of the Georgian Executive Power and Diplomatic Corps as well. At the same time, Georgian Prime Minister Irakli Kobakhidze addressed the guests with a speech. The PM also stresses that the European Integration of the country will make significant changes in the agriculture sector of Georgia.  The Georgian agriculture sector will witness exponential growth after gaining access to the Europe market.

On the other hand under the framework of the event, the head of government and members of government departments also visited the exhibition center “Expo Georgia” dedicated to Europe Day.

Otar Shamugia also added “This year Georgia is celebrating Europe Day with the status of a candidate country for EU membership. Eurointegration is the main focus of our politics. In this context, we would like to encourage farmers and entrepreneurs to access markets, including the EU market for maximum benefits. For Georgia, first of all the priority market is the European Union. We have introduced the specific provision in this direction. We are working on implementing the European Union standards and introducing regulations that are necessary to establish the influence  in the European market for the welfare of farmers.”

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