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First Deputy Prosecutor General meets Richard nephew

Bakur Abuladze the First Deputy Prosecutor General of Georgia met with US State Department Coordinator on Global Anti-Corruption Richard Nephew to discuss the measure for ending the corruption.

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Tbilisi: Bakur Abuladze the First Deputy Prosecutor General of Georgia met with US State Department Coordinator on Global Anti-Corruption Richard Nephew. Both sides discuss various measures to counter the problem of corruption across their respective countries.

Many high officials and representatives from both sides attended the meeting which includes Giorgi Gochashvili head of the Department of Criminal Prosecution for Corruption Crimes; Nikoloz Chinkorashvili Deputy Head of the International Relations and Legal Department; Lena Owens Legal Advisor of the US Department of Justice as well as representatives of the Prosecution Service of Georgia (PSG) and the US Embassy.This meeting was held at the Office of the Prosecutor General of Georgia.


Speaking on the occasion, the First Deputy Prosecutor General of Georgia officially visited and met the representative of the US State Department. he also apprissed them about the measures taken by the PSG(Prosecutor Service of Georgia) for combating corruption, the current achievements and challenges.

According to Bakur Abuladze, increasing the effectiveness of combating corruption is a strategic goal of the PSG(Prosecutor Service of Georgia). Today’s meeting is being seen as an important opportunity to discuss issues of cooperation between the two countries.

On the other hand, Richard Nephew informed the representatives of the PSG (Prosecutor Service of Georgia)about the anti-corruption initiative of the President of the United States, and he expressed willingness to strengthen mutual cooperation in combating corruption.

Both sides also expressed hopes that with mutual cooperation, the graph of corruption can be taken to downward direction as well. It was also agreed that corruption is a kind of heinous crime and needs immediate attention to tackle it at the gross root level.

The representative of the prosecution office also explains that many initiatives are being launched to tackle the incidents of corruption through electronic mediums. They termed corruption as a challenge to good governance and delivery of timely public services.

Both sides said that they would share any latest technique with each other that will be useful for the corruption in respective countries.

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