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Georgian National Wine Agency attends WWTG meeting in Belgium

National wine agency of Georgia attended the WWTG (World Wine Trade Group) meeting (intersessional meeting)held in Belgium.

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Brussels: The representative of the national wine agency of Georgia attended the WWTG (World Wine Trade Group) meeting (intersessional meeting)held in Brussels, the capital of Belgium. The achievement of the Georgia as the chairman was also discussed during the meeting.

The world wine trading group held two meetings in a year. One is the annual meeting whereas the other one is held as the intersessional meeting.


The non-member countries as well as industry organisations can join the meeting as observers. At the same time the national governments of different countries and the members of the World Trade Organization can also participate if interested as well. This is the intersessional meeting of WWTG being held for two days (April 15 and 16, 2024).

At this meeting in Brussels the one year of Georgian chairmanship of the World Wine Trade Group and the results achieved will also be evaluated. Georgia become the chariman of group on May 1, 2023 , during the presidency the main coordinator of the organization’s activities was the National Wine Agency of Georgia. 

It is to be noted that before Georgia the United states of America was the chairman of WWTG. Now at this meeting in Brussels Georgia will hand over the chairmanship to Australia.

It is worth noting that the World Wine Trade Group represents the Union of wine-producing countries and its members along with Georgia, the USA, Argentina, Australia, Canada, Chile, New Zealand, South Africa, and Uruguay. Moreover at the same time the main goal of the organization is to simplify the wine trade, promote international wine trade, and implement joint actions to remove trade barriers.  

The World Wine Trade Group (WWTG) evaluated Georgia’s one-year chairmanship period positively. During this period important issues were agreed and documents were prepared to simplify wine trade procedures between member countries of this organization. Notably in August 2014 the document prepared at the WWTG plenary meeting held in Tbilisi “Tbilisi Statement” of the organization was signed.

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