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MTA’s Project wins nomination for “Involvement in Digital Policy” in 2024

Georgian Maritime Transport Agency's (MTA) project "Port Union System" / Port Community System by the European Reconstruction and Development Bank (EBRD) won the nomination for "Involvement in Digital Policy" in 2024.

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Georgian Maritime Transport Agency’s (MTA) project “Port Union System” / Port Community System by the European Reconstruction and Development Bank (EBRD) won the nomination for “Involvement in Digital Policy” in 2024.

Deputy Director of the Maritime Transport Agency of the Ministry of Economy, Christina Rzgoeva, participated in the 33rd Annual Meeting and Business Forum of the European Reconstruction and Development Bank (EBRD 2024 Annual Meeting and Business Forum), which was held in Yerevan, the capital of Armenia. 


The event focused on the “Shared Impact Implementation” theme and included several panel discussions, sessions, and presentations. Field experts and leaders discussed sustainable economic development issues, focusing on digitalization and developing innovative technologies.

Within the event’s framework, the “Digital Award” ceremony was held, and the Project Project of the “Seaport Union System” (PCS) of the Georgian Maritime Transport Agency won the nomination for “Year of Digital Policy Engagement.” As noted during the project presentation, the “System of port integration” enables digital transformation and economic development of the port sector.

The Maritime Transport Agency, with the support of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), the Good Governance Fund of the United Kingdom (GGF), and the Secretariat of the Investors Council (ICS), under the concept of “digital harbor,” implements the implementation of the “system of harbor integration.”

In the future, the “Port Merging System”/PCS will connect with the “National Maritime Single Window System” (NMSW) and create a single electronic platform for the safe and rapid exchange of information between public and private structures in the port sector.

National Maritime One Window System” (NMSW) means digitization and simplification of public services (ship entry-exit process), and “port unification system” – includes private harbor services. Implementing PCS will significantly increase port flow, save time, and reduce costs; furthermore, providing real-time visibility of shipment status to stakeholders will help coordinate and manage the process and thus improve customer service.

Implementing the project “System of Port Unification” will significantly increase Georgia’s transit and logistics capabilities and contribute to the formation of the country’s regional transit hub.

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