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Tetritskaro’s mayor visit the school of Golteti

Giorgi Tsiklauri Mayor of Tetritskaro Municipality met with the directors of municipal schools in the newly rehabilitated school of Golteti. 

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Giorgi Tsiklauri Mayor of Tetritskaro Municipality, together with the Chairman of the Sakrebulo, Gocha Tedoradze, as well as his deputy and the head of the Resource Center, met with the directors of municipal schools in the newly rehabilitated school of Golteti. 

They discuss many issues relating to educational development and measures taken by the central government and the local municipal authorities.


It is also worth mentioning that at the meeting, several criteria developed during the year were discussed by all the people who were present there. It is to be added that on this occasion school principals, case manufacturers and financiers of various nominations were given certificates of gratitude.

It is worth noting that nine public schools have successfully obtained authorisation in the last six years.

Mayor of Tetritskaro Municipality, Giorgi Tsiklauri, speaking further on the occasion, stated that “At the instructions of Prime Minister Irakli Gharibashvili, Golteti Public School in the village of Tetritskaro Municipality has been constructed. These are part of the construction of 800 schools within the framework of rehabilitation”.

“It has been one year since the complete rehabilitation of the school and today it continues to function with modern infrastructure and appropriate educational resources. I am happy to have the opportunity to meet you today on this unique occasion at this school and to personally hand over to you the certificates of gratitude for raising the generations and for performing your duty with dignity” added mayor.

While appreciating the staff of the school, the mayor said that the government is always there for any kind of help for their extraordinary contribution to the education sector of the country.

Mayor of Tetritskaro Municipality Giorgi Tsiklauri during his visit to the school also had a personal interaction with many teachers. He also asked the teacher to tell any problem or challenge they face and if there is any need for immediate relief for the educational sector of the Municipality.  


While praising the teachers, he said that the role of the teacher in nation-building cannot be underestimated. He also said that teachers are the nation-builders for any country.

Tetritskaro Municipality also took to their social media handles, where social media user also expressed their mixed response. One user commented, “This gave me a good laugh”, to express his unhappiness. On the other hand, Nona Oniani commented that “success and progress in life is for everyone”.

Similarly, another user, while commenting on this post, stated that “we are very thankful to the local administration and like to express our gratitude to the mayor for sincere and dedicated effort for the educational sector”.

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