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Read success story of Nia Papava of Georgia: Beneficiary of student exchange program

Nia Papava, a student of humanities and social sciences at Caucasus University shared her journey to Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznan Poland under student exchange program.

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Nia Papava, a student of humanities and social sciences at Caucasus University shared her journey to Poland under the student exchange program. She studied at Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznan Poland under this program.

While speaking specifically about how it all started she added” I always desired to study abroad since my school days.  Consequently from my first year at the Caucasus University, I came to know about the exchange program and decided to try my luck. Exactly one year ago, when Caucasus University announced the competition for the exchange program told myself to not miss this golden opportunity and to do my best“.


“Then with great motivation and determination  the process of preparing the documents went very easily and quickly. I was counting the days in anticipation of a positive response when finally I received the email of acceptance” said Nia Papava.

According to her  in the initial stage I was a little bit nervous as leaving my friends and family was a bit hardnevertheless   everyone was very happy with my success and they made me feel very supported throughout my whole stay in Poland

She further added that “The adaptation period went very smooth as everyone was very cooperative.  I made a lot of new friends, met with very good lecturers, and studied interesting topics. This experience at Adam Mickiewicz University made me grow not only professionallybut also personally”.

“I still keep in touch with the friends I made there and we even planned a trip together. I created an “English speaking club” in which we used to go for various activities at weekends.   I have developed many new ideas and slowly working on implementing” she added. 

At the last  she motivated the young students to avail the benefits of this exchange program. She underlined that if one has the dedication to learn new things and wants to experience a new skill in a foreign land then this is the best opportunity that everyone must grab.

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