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SEU to host training on  “Art of Success”

The Georgian National University announced that it will host a seminar for school students on “The art of success” on May 31.

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Tbilisi: The Georgian National University announced that it will host a seminar for school students on “The art of success” on May 31.

A number of topics will be discussed with school students to provide them with tips that can be useful for overcoming obstacles to success.   The key speaker of the occasion will be Lali Badridze, a psychotherapist. Lali Badridze is also a certified coach at the Ericson International University and head of the Positive Psychotherapy Centre of Georgia of the World Association of Positive Psychotherapy in Wiesbaden, Germany.


Many topics will be discussed during the training session. The starting time of the event will be 17:00. The following session topics will be discussed:

  1. Psychotechnologies of achieving success and happiness without any social pressure
  2. making the chance of success a reality with hard work, dedication, and single-mind development
  3. personal self-esteem and development’s role during the journey to success
  4. correct perception of problems and ways of turning them into useful resources with a right and timely approach
  5. finding a way out of an impossible situation while implementing the right strategy
  6. getting rid of negative emotions, removing negative blocks, managing stress through self-help methods like medication, etc
  7. How to enhance the belief in oneself and one’s abilities, a high level of self-esteem or self-sufficiency.

The training will be organized by SEU’s Master’s Program in Educational Administration and Clinical Psychology. The main objective of the training was to make the children aware of stress management. Stress management plays a significant role in overcoming challenges that students face in their academic and post-academic lives.

They will also learn how to make a difference in their lives with a positive attitude while mitigating the negative effects of stress. It is worth mentioning that the Georgian National University is instrumental in holding many campus and training sessions for school students as well as University students also.

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