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Matt Ryan will be seen in a new character in Legends of Tomorrow season 7!

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Arrowverse, the audience is wondering, after seven years of playing warlock John Constantine, why Matt Ryan is hanging up his trenchcoat but to play a new character returning in Legends of Tomorrow season 7. Ryan’s retirement as Constantine the reason lies in the Warner Bros and the DCEU apparently changing their opinion on their policy of having only one live-action incarnation of their DC Comics characters at any time. There are also many reasons why Ryan is coming in a new character than leave the series outright.

Since before there was officially a shared multi-universe of alternate DC realities, Matt Ryan has been a mainstay of the Arrowverse. In NBC’s short-lived Constantine series, he 1st played the blue-collar magus. The audience-based effort to save Constantine from cancellation ultimately failed, but Ryan became popular in the role to earn a cameo in Arrow season 4. In this, Constantine showed up in Star City after Oliver Queen called in a favour to secure John’s help in resurrecting Sara Lance. In several episodes of Legends of Tomorrow, Ryan returned to play Constantine again. In many animated films, Ryan also played Constantine, including a solo film Constantine: City of Demons.


At the time when it was announced that JJ Abrams was producing a Constantine reboot for HBO Max, it was hoped by the audience of the 2014 Constantine series hoped that without the censorship of broadcast television, Matt Ryan would get a chance to play John Constantine on a platform and that the new series might pick up the storyline of the original show. But the expectation of the audience was shattered with the announcement that Abrams was seeking out a person of colour to play a new version of John Constantine.

The audience assumed that Ryan would continue to play Constantine in the Arrowverse. But now the recent announcement made is that after season 6, Constantine would be leaving Legends of Tomorrow and that Ryan would return as a new original character. He would play the role of a scientist from the early 20th century named Dr Gwyn Davies. In a new role, Matt Ryan is returning to Legends of Tomorrow; it is possible that his contract is still there. Since he is not able to play the same character, he was given a new role because his contract was still there.

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