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Thea Tsulukiani attends Premiere of Merab Kokochashvili’s film 

The premiere of great Georgian director Merab Kokochashvili's "Terzo Mondo" was held in the cinema "Amiran". The film was shot with the support of the Ministry of Culture, the National Center of Cinematography and the Film Studio "Georgian Film".

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Georgia: The premiere of great Georgian director Merab Kokochashvili’s “Terzo Mondo” was held in the cinema “Amiran”. The film was shot with the support of the Ministry of Culture, the National Center of Cinematography and the Film Studio “Georgian Film”.

The Minister of Culture, sports and Youth, Thea Tsulukiani, attended the premiere.


The film, which Merab Kokochashvili made based on the story of the same name as Aka Morchiladze, is the last part of his trilogy. The director is also the scriptwriter of the movie.

“Terzo Mondo” reflects people’s conflict. Although Georgia gained independence more than 30 years ago, and human and spiritual values should be more apparent, conflict persists. The film is about three different eras and human relationships.

“Talented people can sometimes act rude out of jealousy or other reasons, but they will regret it later, and that’s very important because repentance cleanses a person.” This is what our movie is about, Merab Kokochashvili said before shooting the film.

The film’s composers are Joseb Kechakmadze, the master of group music, and Manana Khundadze-Leman. The Producer is Khatuna Khundadze. The operators are David Gujabidze and Giorgi Kharebava. The painters are Kote Japaridze and Khatuna Khundadze. The costume painter is Ketevan Kalandadze.

Famous actors from the old and new generation participate in the film. Levan (Chola) Tsuladze, Demetre (Duta) Skhirtladze, and Keta Shatirishvili play the leading roles. Also, Lile Leman, Andria Tokhadze, Givi Khakhidze, Grigol Jordania, Guri Pochkhua, and Ana Ingorokva play the supporting roles.

For your information, Director Merab Kokochashvili’s trilogy includes three films: “Three Days of Hot Summer”, “Nutsa School”, and “Terzo Mondo”. These films are about freedom fighters and the society in which they live. All three films are the works of Georgian Film, a Georgian film studio.


The movie “Three Days of Hot Summer”, filmed in 1981, tells us about the Georgian archaeologist of the Soviet period who found artefacts proving the significant part of the country. Still, he is not allowed to 

reveal it by the system, and the scientist is forced to give up his discovery. His heart can’t stand such injustice, and he is dying.

In the movie “Nutsa School”, shot in 2000, we already see an independent Georgia. After the dissolution of the Soviet Union, the main hero, Nika, returns to her ancestral homeland and opens a school there for disabled children like her daughter. Still, there are many opponents to the start based on love and kindness, and the hero alone has to confront a ruthless, cruel society.


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