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Tengiz Nasaridze inagurates World Soil Protection Day event

Tengiz Nasaridze,The Georgian Deputy Minister for Environment Protection and Agriculture opened an event dedicated to the World Day of Soil Protection to raise the awareness on soil pollution and need for soil protection.

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Tbilisi: Tengiz Nasaridze,The Georgian Deputy Minister for Environment Protection and Agriculture opened an event dedicated to the World Day of Soil Protection. He also gave a welcome speech at the event.

While addressing the attendees, Tengiz Nasaridze said “In the field of Agriculture and environmental protection, soil protection along with useful properties play an important role. We are here to discuss the topic to raise awareness about soil. All our past, present and future activities and events that are carried out in this direction are aimed to protect the soil and preserving this useful resources”.


Deputy minister also emphasised the importance of windshield lanes, the practice of planting more seeds, the interim infrastructure in the protection of soil and the preservation of these useful resources for a healthy and safe environment.

On the occasion, medals were also awarded to successful young specialists employed in the public, private and non-governmental sectors of the agrarian sector, students of higher educational institutions, and researchers in the scientific and research sectors. This award was established and named after the world-famous academician, namely Tengiz (Gizo) UrushAdze.

After receiving the honour, one of the winners, Giorgi Ghambashidze, head of the Laboratory of the Soil Fertility Research Service of the Agricultural Scientific and Research Center, expressed that receiving the award has given him an additional incentive to continue his activities successfully in the future and to share his knowledge with others members who are working in the field of environment protection and other related activities.

“Soil, Water – Source of Life” was the theme of the World Day of Soil Protection this year. It is worth noting that International Soil Protection Day has been declared and is being celebrated since 2013 on the basis of the decision taken at the 68th UN Assembly.

This historic event was organised by the Center for Environmental Information and Education, and it was supported by the National Academies of Sciences and Agricultural Sciences, the relevant services of the Ministry, the educational sector, the Association of Georgian Farmers, the Association of Biological Sciences “Elkana”, the Caucasus Regional Environmental Center (REC Caucasus), Caucasus Environmental NGO and Representatives of CENN were also present on occasion.

Since the issue of climate change has become a cause of concern at the international level, a large number of events are being organised at different levels. Climate change has emerged as an international problem. Renowned environmentalists and scientists are calling for collective effort so that ill effects of climate change can be mitigated.


stoping the large scale soil erosion is a major part of measures that are often suggested by environmentalists and the scientific community. 

There are some methods that can be used for the protection of soil, which have been mentioned below:

  1. Cover cropping
  2. Diversification of crops
  3. Terracing
  4. Strip cropping
  5. Following
  6. Rotation between different crops
  7. Water management
  8. Buffer strip
  9. Windbreak
  10. Grassed waterway
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