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US donates special WMD equipment to Georgian Defence Ministry

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The United States government donated special weapons of mass destruction (WMD) detection equipment, which is worth over $1.2 million, to Georgia, the embassy revealed on Friday. The US has continued to support Georgia for many years for keeping the country safe from WMD weapons.

On Friday, the embassy revealed that Georgia’s Defense Ministry is supported by the United States detection equipment that is designed to deal with WMD’s.


The statement also revealed that the US and Georgia are working on a programme designed to strengthen Georgia’s capacity in security-related matters.

The WMD detection equipment is used to counter improvised mass destruction weapons and keep the country safe from mass destruction. The equipment uses radar technology to detect incoming missiles and takes counteraction.

Moreover, a US agency – DTRA, also partners with several Georgian ministers and agencies to bring new technologies to Georgia to keep the country safe.

Georgia and the US have a strong relationship built upon shared values and deep love of freedom, unity and independence. Indeed, the US is loyal in its commitment to Georgia’s sovereignty, territorial integrity and its people.

Last week also, the Georgian Government had revealed that they are planning to buy further batches of US-made javelins anti-tank systems which is capable of destroying modern tanks by attacking them from above. Through this, it can be seen that Georgia is significantly focusing on the defense sector.

By increasing its javelin anti-amour weapons capacity, it is expected that the Javelin system will enhance the capabilities of the Georgian armies to counter current and future threats.


Weapons of the Mass Destruction:

According to the reports, WMD’s are highly destructive weapons that can inflict deaths and cause massive destruction on a large scale. The WMDs are nuclear, radiological, chemical and biological, or any weapon that can kill many individuals and destroy artificial sculptures.

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