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PM Irakli Garibashvili enlists projects under Georgian Development Strategy-Vision 2030

Tbilisi: Georgian Prime Minister Irakli Gharibashvili held a meeting with Vice Prime Minister, Minister of Economy and Sustainable Development Levan Davitashvili and deputies. The head of government reviewed the plans and top priorities to be implemented in 2023 at the job fair. The talk touched on the dynamics of the implementation of "Georgian Development Strategy - Vision 2030".

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Tbilisi: Georgian Prime Minister Irakli Garibashvili held a meeting with Vice Prime Minister, Minister of Economy and Sustainable Development Levan Davitashvili and deputies. The head of government reviewed the plans and top priorities to be implemented in 2023 at the job fair. The talk touched on the dynamics of the implementation of “Georgian Development Strategy – Vision 2030”.

The meeting discussed major projects on which the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development is working under the instructions of the PM Irakli Garibashvili:


The Economy Minister, Levan Davitashvili provided information to the Prime Minister regarding the development project of Tbilisi International Airport. It was noted that in 2023 work will be completed on the long-term plan for the general development of Tbilisi Airport, including the development of the new terminal and aerodrome infrastructure. 

He emphasized the importance of developing Tbilisi and other airports to ensure the rapid economic development of the country and tourism and noted that several hundred million dollars would be invested in the development of Tbilisi International Airport.

PM Irakli Garibashvili discussed with the Minister of Economy and Sustainable Development and Deputies, the Anaklia Deepwater Port project, which is one of the priorities for the Government of Georgia and which will be built by the state with a private investor

It was noted that 51% of the consortium would be state-owned, and 49% will be international tender. The document of expression of interest for the project is ready and active negotiations are underway with potential investors. According to the plan, the first phase of Anaklia port will reach 7.8 million tonnes annually.

The work discussed the progress of the first stage of the historic Black Sea submarine electric cable project connecting the South Caucasus region and Southeast Europe. It was noted that in 2023 the technical-economic analysis and geological research of the project will be completed, which will be financed by the World Bank. The total length of the submarine cable is about 1195 km.

 It will be equipped with a digital connection that will provide high-quality telecommunication between Romania and Georgia. Implementation of the project will contribute to strengthening the energy security of Europe and the Caucasus region, developing the renewable energy sector and increasing transit opportunities.


The meeting also discussed large energy projects. The importance of the construction of power plants and the creation of additional power was emphasized.

It has been noted that 105-megawatt power plants will be launched in 2023, the highest performance in recent years. The average annual output of these power plants will be 473 megawatt-hours, and the total investment will be $140.7 million. 

A 700-megawatt power auction is also planned in 2023.

At the meeting with the Prime Minister Irakli Garibashvili, the projects of gasification and internalization of the regions were also discussed. It was noted that in 2023, the work needed for the gasification of 150 villages is planned to be implemented. 

According to the plan, more than 26 thousand subscribers will have the opportunity to receive natural gas. About 88 000 GEL has been allocated for the implementation of the project.

As for the regional internetization project, being carried out with the World Bank, 350km of fiber-optic highway and 450km of it have already been constructed. Construction is underway on the site, and four new tenders have been announced in new directions to provide internet access. 

The current and completed tenders volume is 1,600 km. It is planned to cover the target geographical areas of western Georgia in 2023, and from 2024, construction will continue in eastern Georgia.

At the meeting, Irakli Garibashvili was also given information about the projects planned to promote entrepreneurship. It was noted that 7550 new beneficiaries would be funded in 2023 within the framework of the program – “Manufacture in Georgia”. 

The creation of 20,000 new jobs and financing of up to 2,500 beneficiaries in the industrial component, which means a total of 1.6 billion investments and 600 million GEL contributions to GDP.

It was noted that in 2023 a comprehensive reform of state-owned enterprises is planned, whose strategy and action plan have already been approved. In 2023, it is planned to pilot a reform in three state-owned corporations and draft a law on state-owned corporations.

At the meeting, the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development  discussed their plans for 2023  with PM Irakli Garibashvili:

• Georgia ITB Berlin 2023 International Tourist Exhibition will be presented as a host country. As a host country, Georgia is allowed to introduce tourist products to 200,000 visitors of the exhibition, including 100 thousand business visitors and many millions of TV viewers of the exhibition.

• In 2023 the work will be completed, and “Georgian Law on Tourism” will be approved.

• In 2023, Georgia will host the World Championship in Freestyle Skiing and Snowboarding. As part of the World Championship project, new ramps, artificial snowfall systems, artificial water reservoirs and six new racing tracks have been built in Bakuriani. Special equipment and safety equipment were also purchased. Around 265 million GEL investment was made within the project. The World Championship in Bakuriani will start on February 16 and will last until March 5.

• In 2023, large-scale rehabilitation works are planned at Kutaisi Airport; the total investment budget will be 47 million GEL. 

Within the project, the project will complete the 3.5 km new flyover, the planned rehabilitation of the runway and the Bakani, the construction of a new parking lot for additional 400 cars, the upgrade and install traffic systems that comply with international standards.

• In 2023, work on the airport development strategy will be completed. This project will be implemented with the support of the Asian Development Bank (ADB).

• In 2023-2024, the mountain infrastructural development is planned, and the total investment value will be 66,5 million GEL. 

Within the scope of this project, a parallel gondola paddle will be built in Gudauri; a 9 km snow-fall system will be arranged; 2 new sliding tracks (7 km) will be built on Hattsvali.

• Within the framework of the legal approach provided by the association agreement, in 2023, the reform of the rail transport sector will be implemented, aiming to create a European model railway system in Georgia, which will increase the efficiency and transparency of the sector.

• The Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development of Georgia will carry out a study together with the World Bank to study the possibilities of the development of high-speed rail in Georgia. The goal of the research is to develop high-quality passenger and freight services in Georgia, which will contribute to the economic development of the country, and the task of the research is the preparation of the Georgian railway network development plan, cutting the implementation of the express rail transit.

• In the fall of 2023, Tbilisi’s 4th International Silk Road Forum is planned. The agenda of the forum will include several panel discussions, parallel events and bilateral meetings between business representatives. The forum will host top-ranking officials from various countries, international organizations, financial institutions and the private sector.

• In 2023, the 150,000 GEL grants program will be continued, which includes financing of innovative startups with the potential of global scale. More than 150 startups were financed by this program in previous years, and the private investment attracted by them exceeded 400 million GEL.

• In 2023, a small grant program of 25 000 GEL will start, which aims to encourage innovative ideas in the regions.

•From 2023, for the next 4 years, 120 startups will be trained within the accelerator program. It is noteworthy that as a result of the acceleration program Georgia has been established as a regional hub, and the majority of participants are startups in the region.

• In 2023, more than 10,000 beneficiaries will benefit from various programs of the innovation ecosystem.

• Over the next three years, 5,000 IT specialists will be trained.

• In 2023 and 2024, 3 new technoparks are planned to be opened across the country, including in Senaki, Akhaltsikhe and Kutaisi. It is noteworthy that in 2023, 7 new technoparks and one innovation centre will be added to the country.

New projects and initiatives were also discussed at the work of Tatbir. The Head of Government gave new tasks to the Minister of Economy and Sustainable Development and Deputies.

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