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Georgia: Dusheti Municipality and USAID program sign MoU on “Strong Village”

Tbilisi: The Deputy Minister of Regional Development and Infrastructure of Georgia, Mzia Giorgobiani attended the signing ceremony of the Memorandum of Understanding between Dusheti Municipality and USAID program "Strong Village".

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Tbilisi: A Memorandum of Understanding was signed between Dusheti Municipality and USAID program “Strong Village”.The signing ceremony of the MoU was attended by the Deputy Minister of Regional Development and Infrastructure of Georgia, Mzia Giorgobiani.

The Memorandum defines terms of cooperation between USAID program and Dusheti municipality, which means the development of a comprehensive and inclusive strategy of municipal development. Representatives of the public, private and civil sector will be actively involved in this process.


The strategy document will present the priorities of the development of the municipality and special attention will be paid to strengthening the resilience of communities near the administrative border line of Georgia.

“A program has been started from Dusheti, aimed at supporting the settlements near the occupied territories. In this direction, USAID helps 11 Georgian municipalities to create conditions for employment and development of the population. This is a program that will be supported by both central and local governments and aimed at supporting business,” said Mzia Giorgobiani.

As part of the partnership, USAID’s “Strong Village” program will support the municipality of Dusheti in developing skills for economic and other risks. This Partnership is a prerequisite for inclusive, sustainable and private sector oriented socio-economic development and will improve the condition of the citizens living in Dusheti Municipality.

USAID actively cooperates with Georgian population, business, government and civil society to promote welfare and safety of the population. This cooperation began back in the 90s with the provision of humanitarian aid. We were helping Georgian population, both with food and fuel.

Over time, along with strengthening Georgia, we also moved to a new stage of partnership. We started cooperation in different areas such as strengthening agriculture, economic growth, employment promotion, building democratic institutions and others. We are proud to partner with Georgian people and help them achieve their goals,” said David Hoffman, Deputy Head of USAID Mission.

The signed memorandum is an important step forward for the common goal of sustainable development of communities across the region, creating additional jobs and improving living standards.



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