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National Defense Academy hosts scientific practical conference- Psychology and Modernity

Tbilisi: The National Defense Academy of Georgia hosted the Scientific-practical conference "Psychology and Modernity".

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Tbilisi: The National Defense Academy of Georgia hosted the Scientific-practical conference “Psychology and Modernity”. The opening of the conference was attended by the First Deputy Rector of the Academy, Colonel Levan Kavtaradze, executives, professors and invited guests. 

At the opening event, the head of the Scientific Research Center, Giorgi Laghiashvili, addressed the guests of the event with a welcoming speech and introduced the guests to the topics of discussion.


The Conference participants made detailed reports on various topics, which ranged from Communication, education and psychological aspects.

Precisely, the topics included Strategic Communication Role in Positive Resolution of Organizational Conflict”, “Modern Challenges in the Education System and Skills for Success in the 21st Century”, “Research on Self-esteem and social attitude in Typology”, and many more.

The reporters presented their own theoretical or research aspects of psychology from the fields in which they work from a scientific perspective. The conference paid special attention to modern challenges in psychology and plans for the development of the field and increasing its popularity among students. 

Following the presentation of reports on their respective topics, the participants indulged in interactive sessions with the attendees, during which they talked about their topics and presented elaborative responses to the information seekers at the event.

The participants of the conference received due recognition as, at the end of the conference, Giorgi Laghiashvili, the head of the Scientific Research Center of the National Defense Academy, presented certificates of appreciation to the participants. 

The participants also thanked the head of the Scientific Research Center for organizing the interactive conference at the National Defense Academy, which gave them the opportunity to present their views on various topics of interest. 

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