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Authorities charge one for Embezzlement

As per the latest information, the Georgian Prosecutor's Office charged the director of a construction company for Embezzlemet.

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Tbilisi: As per the latest information, the Georgian Prosecutor’s Office charged the director of a construction company for Embezzlemet. He is the Director of a Financial company named “Viva Vaki”, and fraudulently embezzled large amounts of money from citizens.

Before charging the director of Said company, An investigation was conducted by the Ministry of Internal Affairs. This Preliminary Investigation has established that in 2016 the accused Director founded Viva Vake LLC and Invited a large number of people who wanted to buy apartments. He attracted a large number of people with the use of false advertisements.


The main intention of using this fraudulent advertisement were to capture large amounts of money from innocent citizens fraudulently. The director of the company took the responsibility of completing the construction of the building and transferring real estate to the owners as soon as possible.

The victim of the company believing these fraudulent advertisements, transferred a large amount of money to the bank accounts of “Viva Vaki” Ltd Company.

So, In this way, in an illegal way and committing fraud the defendant fraudulently received 5 988 279,56 GEL. On the other hand after receiving this huge amount of money from People Construction company failed to fulfil its contractual obligations and didn’t deliver the possession of houses to people who invested. The aggrieved people approached law enforcement agencies.

After receiving the complaint against the defendant director of company investigation was ordered by the Minister of Internal Affairs of the Government of Georgia.

After the completion of the preliminary investigation the Director of the construction company was found Guilty.Now He has been charged with this serious economic offence of a criminal nature.

Meanwhile, the defendant director of “Viva Vaki” Ltd. Has been charged with subsections “a” and “b” of article 180, part 3 of the Civil Code of Georgia (fraud, committed by using official status, in a large amount).


However, a search has already been announced for the accused to determine his location and effect his arrest as soon as possible.As per the request forwarded by the Prosecutor’s Office, the court ordered the accused to be imprisoned as a measure of detention.

The custody of the accused has also been ordered to ensure a fair and free trial and deliver justice to victims of fraud.

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