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New Year’s Illumination May Cause Traffic jam in Rustavi avenue

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As per the information released by the lcoal authorities vehicular Traffic on Rustaveli Avenue will be temporarily restricted due to the installation of New Year’s Illuminations. People have been advised to avoid this route to reach their destination.

It is worth mentioning that due to the installation of New Year lights on Rustaveli Avenue under the Tbilisi City Hall jurisdiction, from First Republic Square to Freedom Square, the movement of vehicles will be restricted on December 12 and 13, from 00:00 to 06:00.


This will cover all types of vehicles, be they heavy medium or light vehicles. Meanwhile, authorities have made alternatives available . It will be possible for vehicle owners to travel through Leonidze, Ingorova, Alexander Chavchavadze, Griboedov, Baratashvili, and Tabukashvili streets similarly from Melikishvili Avenue to the rest of Mtatsminda streets with be allowed through Janashia, Tarkhnishvili, Tatishvili, Chovelidze, Zandukeli streets and then Barnov, Gogebashvili and Kakabadzebi streets Beat.

On the other hand, from other streets of Mtatsminda district, it will be possible to reach Melikishvili Avenue and the metro station “Rustaveli” area via using Griboedovi, Makashvili, Barnovi and Shanidze streets. Movement of vehicles on Freedom Square will be limited only in the direction of Rustaveli Avenue.
Cars going from Rustaveli metro station to Freedom Square on Rustaveli Avenue, after turning to the olive tree, will drive through Mikheil Javakhishvili Street and the right bank of Mtkvari.

Christmas and New Year celebrations are held with enthusiasm across the country. Sometimes, celebration events cause traffic jams and make vehicle movement impossible.

To address the problem of the General public regarding traffic on these busy days, the local administration has come up with these alternative routes.

Meanwhile, Tbilisi City Hall took to their social media handles and informed the Public regarding alternative routes. People on social media gave mixed responses to the decision of Tbilisi City Hall with regard to New and alternative traffic routes.

One user, Dachi Korinteli, commented, “Why Do you create traffic jams Artifically?”. Replying to his comment, Ali Ona wrote, “Where is the traffic after 12 am to 6 am”.
One another user, while tagging the Tbilisi City hall commented, “Why did you lack Christmas lights at my Building? Why are you So offended..96-Near the school”.


At the same time, many locals appreciated the decision of the local administration to manage the traffic efficiently on these busy days. They said that this would allow them to preplan their journey and will also save their precious time to travel.

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