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Georgian and Kazakhstan film centers sign MOC

A memorandum of cooperation (MOC) was signed between Georgian and Kazakhstan film centers on May 18, 2024, Saturday.

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Georgia: A memorandum of cooperation (MOC) was signed between Georgian and Kazakhstan film centers on May 18, 2024, Saturday.

Deputy Minister of Culture and Sports of Georgia, Acting Director of the National Cinema Center Koba Khubunaya, and Chairman of the Board of Kazakh Non-Public S/S “National Cinema Support Center” Kurmanbek Jumagali signed a memorandum of Understanding (MoU) in the Georgian Pavilion of Cannes Film Marketing. Kazakhstan expressed its readiness to sign this Memorandum in 2022.


With the signing of this Memorandum, a new era of collaboration in the film industry is set to begin. The Cinema Center is preparing to sign a bilateral cooperation agreement, opening doors for Georgian producers to participate in co-production competitions of Kazakh film foundations, fostering a spirit of mutual growth and learning. 

Also, Kazakh directors or producers can find Georgian partners and participate in competitions at the National Cinema Center. According to the agreement, contests whose purpose will only be to encourage co-production of Georgia-Kazakhia can be announced. This agreement will promote the development of educational programs; various events will be held to share experiences and support the distribution of films.

This means that the two countries’ successful cooperation is evident in the films “Corn Island,” created in 2014 with a partnership with Kazakhstan, and “The Fourth Brighton,” by Levan Koghuashvili. Especially noteworthy is the success of Georgian films at the Almaty Film Festival.

The National Cinema Center welcomes any initiative that will promote Georgian films in Central Asian countries and the creation of joint films.

Reminder: From 14 to 25 May, Kan will host the 77th International Film Festival, in which the National Cinema Center of Georgia will participate with the Pavilion. The National Cinema Center delegation is led by the acting director of the Cinema Center, Koba Khubunaia.

Among the delegation members are several Georgian directors and producers, who hold intensive meetings with representatives of the film industry.

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