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Teletubbies from funky wonky to little Po welcome to Teletubby land

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Teletubbies from funky wonky to little Po welcome to Teletubby land

Teletubbies is the show for toddlers between 0-3 being friendly and fun it is loved by adults as well as children alike.

The show is created by British director Anne Wood along with her partner Andrew Davenport for the television program BBC network.


Everyone loves children, their giggles and laughter make everyone happy and cheerful. So just to create a childlike ambience Teletubbies came to existence. With fun and gibberish words, they make you happy and cheerful.

Tele tubby land is shaped like a dome with four adorable teletubbies living in it.

Teletubbies characters:


  • Funky wonky: He is the biggest purple coloured tele tubby who loves big hugs and is very gentle. Being the biggest of all of them, he is very thoughtful, soft and a daydreamer who loves to carry a big red bag.
  • Dipsy: He is the green one with funky and groovy dance moves. He loves his big black hat with little spots. So if you find anyone dancing, and wriggling in the grasses it would be Dipsy.
  • Laa- Laa: The singer and dancer of the group are Laa- Laa. She loves her bouncy orange ball, and she makes it dance too. You can find her dancing, singing or even bouncing around.
  • Po: This little one loves her scooter very much. You can learn some karate along with some jumping from her. The cutest, smallest red coloured tele tubby loves to speed along the Teletubbies land.
  • Noo-Noo: This cute little companion of tele tubbies love cleaning. He cleans all the mess along with Funky wonky hat too. He loves to play with all of them and his favourite food is a gallop of custard. Slurp and gone!

Sometimes you can find the right little ones too. These babies are called Tiddlytubbies. They play in the game room and sometimes crawl to take part in the playtime. They are all very different from each other. Each one has a unique name called Daa-Daa, Baa, Ping, Umby-Pumby, RuRu, Mi- mi along with Nin and Duggle Dee.

Teletubby was running for almost 485 episodes and this is perhaps the most loved children show.





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