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Foodwars Season 5 CONFIRMED with Yukihira as the main protagonist, Release Date, Cast, Plot and more!

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With the first season releasing in the year 2015, Food Wars! Shokugeki no Soma is an anime series revolving around food competition.  It has a worldwide audience, as it has been released on Netflix. But there are many questions regarding the full season release, as they have only released 2 episodes of the 5th season in April.


SO when shall the wait end? Let’s find out!

Release Date: Foodwars Season 5

The original release date as planned by the makers was 10th April 2020. It would have been the spring edition of the series, and as everyone was excited about the show, they wanted to see it as fast as they could. But the pandemic situation happened and everything went down the hole.

The COVID pandemic is raging the world, which has halted all productions in between, and thus when the announcement was made, they did not see this coming. Only a couple of episodes could be released, and the rest of the episodes had to be halted midway.

The fifth season is called The Fifth Plate, and it is the work of the JC staff studio. There were rumours regarding the release of the rest of the episodes in July. But it is already mid-July, and we can’t see that happening! They have therefore announced that they have moved the release to summer, which will have the series being restarted yet again.

Plot: Food Wars Season 5

As the show revolves around cooking and the lives of chefs, season 5 will also not leave us disappointed. The fans are already loving the first two episodes, and hopefully, they will keep that up in the next few episodes also. The young chef Soma wants to bring luck to her father’s fine dining, but her luck takes a turn when she joins the Totsuki academy, which is a place for elites.


Soma, the young chef, dreams about being good enough and bringing good fortune for his father’s diner. However, the plans change when he is asked to join the Totsuki Academy, which is an elite cooking class.

As can be expected from the trends before, the fifth season will also have a cliffhanger at the end of the season. But we will have to wait and see what the makers have planned!

Cast and Characters: Foodwars Season 5

The old characters will return and will entertain us like before. Soma Yukihira, the main protagonist will face new challenges. Erina Nakiri, Hisako Arato, Megumi Tadakoro, Ryoko Sakaki, will return too on screen. We do not know when shall we get to see them next, but we can surely hope them to return asap!

Updates and Trailers: Foodwars Season 5

As far as any new updates are concerned, a teaser trailer was released a few days back, where glimpse into the series could be seen. Here you can see the teaser trailer:


As far as the manga goes, it has a total number of 318 chapters. Therefore, it is very much likely that we will get to see the fifth season as the finals season.

Till then, stay tuned to know more!



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