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Goblin Slayer Season 2 with Goblin Slayer’s HUNTING AGAIN, Release Date, Cast, Plot and more!

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Are you a big Anime Fan? The Goblin Slayer is back! Japanese teen dramas have a huge fan base from all over the world. However, we easily get attached to the exotic animations and screenplay. And also the voice-overs and the other effects. Eventually, it comes under the light novel series written by Kumo Kagyu. However, the story mainly revolves around the Goblin Slayer and the Priestess. Moreover, it attracts teens from all over the world. We come to know about various hurdles they face while hunting and a lot more. The way in which the Globin Slayers family survives after the massacre by the goblins is a highly emotional one that was handled with the utmost care.


“Goblin Slayer Season 2”: Release date

After the release of the second season, all of us are anxiously waiting for the release of the next season. However, season two left us in a cliffhanger we are waiting to see more. Eventually, it’s hard to fulfill people’s expectations. A Feature film titled Goblin Slayer: Goblin’s Crown was released earlier on February 1, 2020. Moreover, it is expected that season 2 will hit the screens a little late due to the dubbing delay that occurred due to the COVID-19 global pandemic. However, we can anticipate the release of the series during late 2020 or the start of the next year 2021. Hope this pandemic ends soon, thus we could see our favorite stars back again.

“Goblin Slayer Season 2”: Star-Cast

The role of Priestess is played by Yui Ogura, Goblin slayer by Yuichiro Umehara, High Elf Archer by NaoToyamal, and Dwarf Shaman by Yuichi Nakamura. The voiceover is given by the Japenese. However, in English, it is given for Dwarf Shaman by Barry Yandell, Goblin slayer Brad Hawkins, Priestess by Hayden Daviau, High Elf Archer by Mallorie Rodak. Moreover, a lot more new characters are expected to join to make us all happy again with love and action.

“Goblin Slayer Season 2”: Storyline

As we know the story mainly revolves around the Priestess and The Goblin Slayer. It tells us about the turmoil faced by the Priestess after joining a new team. People in this world compete with each other to earn jewels and golds. However, it also deals majorly with the hunt of the goblins by the Goblin Slayer. He is too proud to have killed 22 goblins so far. It also deals with the love between the Goblin Slayer and the Priestess. Sword maiden performs a resurrection spell to save Globin Slayer during a tragic event. Goblin Slayer is always seen wearing his helmet for a professional cause and soon we could expect him to remove the helmets.


“Goblin Slayer Season 2”: Plot

As the Goblin Slayer’s entire family and the village got massacred by the goblins. Therefore, he has started to develop a huge retaliation on the goblins and hates them the most. Thus he makes it his mission to find and kill all the goblins and in the go, he killed nearly 22 of them. With more hobgoblins and goblins this becomes an interesting series to watch. We could expect this season with a lot more twists and turns. Till then stay safe guys!



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