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Electronic Signatures: Security, Legal Validity And Agility

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In Colombia there is still a tendency to carry out procedures in person, with the effects that this entails in loss of time, money and efficiency. 

However, the current situation due to Covid-19 showed us that it is imperative to transform these paradigms in an increasingly digital environment, with solutions such as ‘My Signature’, a technological platform of the company Olimpia IT, which allows signing any document in A matter of minutes, without leaving home, from anywhere, with all the legal and legal guarantees.


“‘Mi Firma’ is the first technological platform that tends to democratize the use of electronic signatures and already has more than 20,000 users,” says Cristian Mendieta Clavijo, legal counsel at Olimpia IT.

The electronic signature allows both natural persons and legal representatives to ensure the integrity, authenticity and non-repudiation of documents; know who and when signs a document, certifying that the information has not been altered, which enables more reliable labor, professional and commercial relationships.

“Digital trust is an essential part of the new reality. This is built from the security of the platforms and the knowledge of their use by people. In ‘My Firm’, we have tried to materialize an adequate combination between security and user experience ”, explains the executive.

‘My Signature’ is aimed at all those Colombian citizens over 18 years of age, whether they are residing in Colombia or abroad, since it can be accessed from any device connected to the internet, so that the interested party can make use of your digital signature from any location.

“This type of signatures are more secure than handwritten ones, with the advantage that it allows signing documents such as contracts, promissory notes, invoices, among others, from any location, without the need to travel, saving costs and shipping times, with full legal validity. and probation, ”adds Mendieta Clavijo.

The process is easy, fast and secure: the user must register in my firma.co, upload the document to be signed, draw the signature on the platform, sign and share the document. It can be used for personal purposes, in signatures of collection accounts, guardianship actions, petition rights, bills of exchange, etc. 


For contractual documents such as signing contracts, payment stubs, commercial alliances, responses to PQR, among others. Also, for academic certificates such as diplomas, degree certificates, transcripts, certificates of attendance. 

In accounting processes such as signing financial reports, reports, forms, financial transactions, statements, and for official communications such as administrative acts, circulars, decrees, laws, etc. Interested parties can make use of electronic signatures by entering www.mifirma.co, registering and following the instructions on the platform.

By 2021, it will be enabled not only for Colombia, but also for Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Chile and Peru, since Olimpia IT’s commitment to transformation, security and innovation, project this company to expand to other countries in the region like Mexico, where it will soon open a product development center.

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