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Interagency Council held meetings to tackle human trafficking

The Georgian inter agency council held a significant meeting to prevent human trafficking.

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Tbilisi:  The Georgian inter agency council held a significant meeting to prevent human trafficking. The meeting was chaired by Deputy Minister of Justice Beka Dzamashvili.

During the meeting, the changes to the Coordinating Council’s department were discussed and supported by the participants.


Information on the efforts and progress made within the 2023 year of the fight against human trafficking (trafficking) was also presented.

Minister Beka Dzamashvili noted that Reforms to stop human trafficking have made an important contribution to the country’s becoming a candidate for EU membership. The report issued by the European Commission a month ago also mentioned positively the progress achieved by the Republic of Georgia in the fight against organised crime of Human trafficking. 

In addition according to a report by the US State Department the Republic of Georgia is in the first basket in the fight against trafficking crimes. Only 38 of the estimated 198 states, including Georgia and 18 EU member states hold the highest mark in the assessment.

It is to be specifically mentioned that the meeting paid special attention to the necessity of carrying out a wide-scale information campaign on the dangers of human trafficking. By the interagency Council’s decision, in 2024, awareness-raising activities with different target audiences will be intensively coordinated and monitored by the Council.

The meeting of the Inter-Agency Council for the Fight against Trafficking was held and it was attended by representatives of the Council’s member agencies in past year as well, the Parliament of Georgia, non-governmental and international organisations, the Public Defender and the Embassy of the United States of America in Georgia has stared many intiatives.

Human trafficking is concerned, it is still a big global problem. A large number of people fall into the traps of human traffickers. They often take the illegal route to reach a safer destination. There are many reasons behind the problem of human trafficking.


The biggest reason behind the large-scale migration to other countries is the violation of human rights in their own countries. To escape from the clutches of social and economic problems, these people become victims of anti-social elements who are actively involved in the heinous crime of human trafficking. Human traffickers usually sell the victim of trafficking for bonded labour, sexual exploitation, etc.

Interagency Council make it clear that the crime of human trafficking can be mitigated by launching regional and international measures.

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