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Kindergarten receive New Year gifts in Rustavi

Rustavi Municipality decided to provide the children of Kindergarten with beautiful gifts to make the moment for memorable.

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Rustavi: The whole of Georgia is waiting eagerly for the moment to welcome the new year. To make these moments more memorable, Rustavi Municipality decided to provide the children of Kindergarten with beautiful gifts.

The mayor of Rustavi Nino Latsabidze attended the gift giving ceremony. She was accompanied by many others on this occasion.


The little children were very happy as they had to receive the gifts. They were dressed in beautiful clothes. Some were also dressed as Santa Claus as just a few days there was a big celebration on the eve of Christmas.

Some gifts were packed in boxes to hand over to the children. Mayor Nino Latsabidze, while attending the ceremony interacted with the staff members also.

She also hugged the cute little innocent babies who were looking very attractive. Some were too busy to click the photos to save this happy moment on their mobile phones permanently.

The mayor of the Rustavi city hall also took to her social media handles to provide information regarding this development; on social media, she stated that “In Rustavi, 5900 small kindergartens will receive a New Year gift from the City Hall. It’s already a tradition; it’s the second year that we’ve given sweets to our little ones in kindergarten. We are trying to create a New Year’s mood for everyone and congratulate the upcoming Christmas and New Year”.

After the post of the mayor, users also flooded the social media with congratulatory messages.

On user Natela Manjavidze commented, “Thank you very much, Mrs. Nino, for making our children happy. We, Rustaveli, have the best city mayor. I’m proud of you all. Always have our hearts by your side.” Another user, Irma Mchedlishvili, commented, “On behalf of 23 kindergartens, thank you very much for making our little ones happy . Congratulations to the next one”.


Social media user Tamuna Maisuradze, while commenting on the post of the Mayor, wrote that “Thank you very much for your attention and sweets”.

Similarly, many other users also expressed their happiness at the event and appreciated the efforts of the administration of the municipality.

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