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Georgia: President presents annual report to parliament

The president of Georgia, Salome Zurabishvili, presented an annual report to the parliament. She paid special attention to the country's European journey.

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The president of Georgia Salome Zurabishvili presented an annual report to the parliament. She paid special attention to the country’s European journey.

It should be specifically mentioned that “Today, I am not standing here last time,\ but am here for the first time as the president of the EU candidate country. Congratulations to everyone on this great victory! We managed to do it!”.


According to the president despite the challenges Georgia has maintained stability and unwavering pro-Europeanism. She also added that “society did not give up; we fought and protected our future. We saw our free European youth. Their special role in building the country’s future was highlighted and it became a force of hope”.

She also noted that granting the candidate status is a new opportunity for the future of the country. In particular it provides an opportunity to strengthen security and independence. According to her by transforming the European and democratic state it is possible to stop young people from existing in the country and return to the diaspora.

Salome Zurabishvili further said,”The European family is an alternative space where our identity, culture and values ​​will be protected and presented. Russification is not an alternative! – we have passed it. this path was more tragically passed by some of our brothers, small caucasian nations, which today are already considered extinct. Europe is the space where free nations, many languages, minorities, regions, diverse cultures and identities are protected by equality and law”.

The president addressed the representatives of the majority and the opposition and noted that to achieve the European goal, it is important to agree on the country’s main priorities.

According to her in order to achieve the European model it is important to fulfil the nine recommendations of the European Commission and carry out important reforms in the country. As the president mentioned, he will establish a coordination centre that will bring together all specific proposals on European priorities.

She also encouraged the members to collaborate for the country’s progress on all fronts.

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