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Georgia: Prosecutor General Awards Employee on Promotion

Irakli Shotadze The Prosecutor General of Georgia presented the certificates of promotion to the employees of the Prosecutor's Office based on seniority and promotion.

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Irakli Shotadze The Prosecutor General of Georgia presented the certificates of promotion to the employees of the Prosecutor’s Office. These employees were awarded these certificates for their promotion as well as for their extraordinary performance in the departments.

It is to be specifically mentioned that the Prosecutor General of Georgia Irakli Shotadze presented the first and second-rank certificates to the prosecutors and investigators and congratulated them on their promotion. He also extended them best wishes for a bright and successful future.


Speaking further on the occasion the Prosecutor General thanked the prosecutors and investigators for their work and wished them success in their professional activities. He stated that these dedicated employees played an important role in maintaining law and order in the country.

Irakli Shotadze also added that “I would like to congratulate each of you on your success moreoevr all of you truly deserved this success and reward. This is a recognition of your dedication to work and your merit. This promotion in your rank will be an even greater motivator for you to continue with even more attitude determination and success in the activities that you have been performing professionally and at a high level since your joining”.

It is to be noted that the Deputy General Prosecutors and representatives of the Prosecutor’s Office attended the event. Ranking council awarded 55 employees with first and second ranks based on the assessment of the activities of prosecutors and prosecutor’s office investigators in 2022-2023.

Notably in the Prosecutor’s Office of Georgia the ranking system of prosecutor’s office employees was introduced in 2020 by order of the Prosecutor General of Georgia. As of today 215 employees have been assigned I and II ranks based on their performance during the duty which includes First rank – 58 prosecutors and 16 investigators. Second rank – 117 prosecutors and 24 investigators.

The honoured employee on the other hand also thanked the office of the Prosecutor’s Office for recognising their contribution to the department. They also termed these awards as the motivation to do the work with more dedication in future as well.

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