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Georgia: Information lecture continues with the personal data protection services

The representatives of the Personal Data Protection Service continue to hold information-scientific lectures to raise awareness about personal data protection.

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The representatives of the Personal Data Protection Service continue to hold information-scientific lectures. The main purpose of this lecture is to raise awareness about personal data protection among young people across the country.

It is worth noting that these meetings were held with 300 students from public and private schools in many parts of the region. Service employees provided information on personal data protection to the pupils of Tbilisi’s 213, 106, 147 and 72 public schools and Mtskheti’s N1 public schools.


Similarly an online meeting was held with Poti’s N1 public school pupils. Through this online meeting the attendees were apprised about protecting personal data and safety measures.

Another training session was held in the private Britanika and the school of the decade. Again the agency representative informed the participants how personal data can be protected by various measures.

At the same time during the meeting special attention was paid to protecting the personal information of minors. Students were informed about how the data is used at school on social media or in different spaces during the day. Students were taught about the cases where the processing of the data is lawful and where it is inappropriate.

The lectures were conducted in an interactive mode as Students asked questions and got answers from the speakers on the issues.

One of the main priorities for personal data protection services worldwide is the educational field. Moreover access to students’ personal information and the establishment of a culture of data protection among students themselves are of special importance.

To this end the office constantly carries out various types of activities and will continue actively in the future.


Some digital and data experts also addressed the students online. They advised the students to be extra cautious while using social media and other networking sites to ensure their data safety. Students in the last of meeting extended their gratitude for such an informative session that helped them learn new things about the safety of their personal data as well.

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