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KIU University hosts a lecture on Bioinformatics

The Kutaisi International University hosted a public lecture on June 4, 2024, to discuss topics of  "Computer Science in Bioinformatics."

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The Kutaisi International University hosted a public lecture on June 4, 2024, to discuss topics of  “Computer Science in Bioinformatics.”

The lecture was organized by the School of Mathematics and Computer Science of Kutaisi International University and attended by a significant number of University students and subject experts.


On the occasion, while addressing the attendees, Zaal Beriashvili, the head of the Georgia office of the  Quantori company, discussed the role of computer science in bioinformatics.

He also discussed the achievements in the field with the students of the Kutaisi International University, researchers, and professors who were present on the occasion.Speaking further, he  underlined the impact of algorithms and data structures in the rapid and effective solution of biotechnology problems. He stressed that the field experts must focus their work on this topic so that biotechnology field can be explored upto new heights.


It should be added that Kutaisi International University Rector Aleksandre Tevzadze along with Head of KIU Mathematics and Computer Science Programs Ramaz Bochorishvili and employees  also attended the meeting.


The  cooperation between Kutaisi International University and  Quantori company was started last year. Notably under the provisions of the  partnership, students of KIU’s computer science program can apply   internship  at an international tech company.



Bioinformatics has gained wide popularity in the last few years. This term reflects the combination of two diverse science fields, computer science, and biology, to achieve breakthrough results.  Bioinformatics also involves creating tools that medical science students, especially biology students, can use for research work.


It is worth to mention that as per the experts  the main goal of the today’s session  is to increase knowledge about various biological processes.


The students who were present at the seminar asked their questions to the key speakers, which were answered by the experts.   At the end of the session, students while sharing their experiences  said that this was a fruitful session and that they had learned a lot of new things as well.

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