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Apple Will Fix iPhone 11 Screen Problem For Free

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If you have an iPhone 11, and you consider that the response of the touch screen is not ideal, it is likely that Apple will replace the screen totally free, and so you can see.

The screen of the iPhone is one of the most important and also expensive elements when making the device, and if you have an iPhone 11 and you have observed that the touch screen does not respond in the proper way, it is likely that you can request a repair or totally free replacement of the same to Apple itself.


Those from Cupertino have just announced a new free repair program, specifically replacement for the iPhone 11 screens, those that stop responding or do not respond properly to touches , due to a problem with the screen module. It should be noted that it seems that this is a failure that is affecting a small percentage of the iPhone 11 screens, but it is convenient that you check it.

The iPhone 11 affected are those that were manufactured between November 2019 and May 2020 , but that does not mean that if you purchased your iPhone 11 on those dates you will have the failure. To find out if your iPhone 11 has this touch screen response failure, you must access the following Apple website to enter the serial number of your device.

After that, you will know if your device is eligible for a free screen replacement, regardless of whether or not you have problems. If your phone is eligible for repair, you will be exposed to a number of Apple Authorized Service Providers, schedule an appointment with an Apple store near your home, or directly contact Apple Support for a mail order shipment. .

The iPhone 11 appeared on the market at the end of 2019, and therefore is still within the two-year warranty , so if the touch screen problem is not reproduced now, but it appears during the next few months, it could also be repaired totally free.

In any case, if entering the serial number of your iPhone 11 appears eligible for repair, it is better to be cautious and make an appointment for its replacement, to avoid failures in the future.

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