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Create Your Own Holograms From Photos and Videos

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The holograms are here. And this time for real! Looking Glass Portrait is a personal holographic display to enjoy your own quality holograms. They are an icon of science fiction, which we have seen in countless movies and series, since the days of the first Star Wars or Back to the Future movies. But until now holographic images were just that, science fiction.

That ended. Looking Glass Portrait puts them in our homes almost at the price of a digital frame. Although we have seen other holographic displays before (this same company was already selling one a couple of years ago), they were either very expensive, or it required very sophisticated cameras and a lot of technical knowledge to create your own holograms .


Looking Glass Portrait is the first personal holographic display, because everyone can use it. Just take a photo or record a video, and they are automatically converted into spectacular holograms, without the user having to do anything. The result is absolutely stunning.

Looking Glass Portrait accepts all types of fonts. Any photo or video recorded with a mobile that has a depth sensor is valid or use the Bokeh effect to add depth to a photo. But the best results are obtained with cameras that have two parallel lenses and capture directly in 3D, such as the Microsoft Azure Kinect , which is included in one of the packs.

Looking Glass Portrait splits the image into up to 100 layers that create volume . The holographic display projects millions of light beams to create the hologram, which can be viewed at a 58 degree angle. The screen itself works independently, since inside it has a Raspberry Pi 4 , which is responsible for generating the holograms.

It can store up to 1,000 holograms , and they can be sent via WiFi, or via USB cable. Furthermore, the Looking Glass Portrait can be connected to a PC so graphic designers can create their own holograms, or test how their 3D models look in reality.

Looking Glass Portrait seeks funding on KickStarter , but in just two days it has already raised 30 times more than it needed, approaching one and a half million euros. If you are interested, the first personal holographic display costs only 164 euros , and will ship from April. The kit with the Microsoft Azure Kinect 3D camera goes up to almost 1,000 euros.

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