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Georgia to provide houses to homeless

The Georgian government is all set to provide housing facilities for homeless families with a budget of 50 000 000 GEL.

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Tbilisi: The Georgian government is all set to provide housing facilities for homeless families. The government has reserved a budget of 50 000 000 GEL for this purpose.

These are the families that fall in the category of those who are living in difficult conditions. In the previous years the Government has also launched many such efforts for this purpose as well.


It is to be specifically mentioned that the program aims to support socially vulnerable, homeless families with many children and create decent living conditions for them so that they can live in comfort with their families.

As far as the eligibility of these people is concerned, the beneficiaries of the program may be a family with three or more minors. At the same time, it also includes the families whose members are all registered on the social services agency’s unified database of socially vulnerable families.

The concerned authors also said that families whose members are not registered on the IDP, Migrant and Livelihood Provision Agency’s unified electronic database of refugee or migrant families can benefit from the program by fulfilling certain other conditions.

It is worth mentioning that if a homeless family member has not already received housing from the state or adequate cash compensation to purchase housing, he can also apply to avail the benefits under this scheme as well.

Notably, the program will last until the end of 2025. Families will be settled in any administrative-territorial unit of Georgia after the completion of their basic formalities.

This decision of the government is applauded by social media users also. One user, Bacho Labuchidze, commented that “I don’t remember so much kindness being done now; you are the best government team and the best people!!!”.


 Another user, Shorena Janadze, while demanding more relief for these families, commented, “Prime Minister, is it necessary to provide some relief for young families with many children during the construction of housing?? Not everyone is socially vulnerable but needs relief!! Please can you keep an eye out for this!! Encouraging them is essential, even for improving the demographic situation!! I’m curious if there’s any relief or if you plan to!”.

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