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Rustavi: Sixth stage of “Rule your City” project begins

The administration of the Rustavi city hall has started the 6th stage of the project called “Rule your city”.

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The administration of the Rustavi city hall has started the 6th stage of the project called “Rule your city”. The Mayor of the Rustavi city hall Nino Latsabidze provided information in this regard at recently held meeting.

It is to be specifically mentioned that this project has been run successfully for many years, and now, again Rustavi City Hall has started the sixth stage of “Rule Your City. ”


It is to be added that in order to include young people in the process of self-government this project has been launched for sixth time in line. A recent meeting was held under the project to assess the progress of the work . At this recently concluded meeting the Mayor of the city hall Nino Latsabidze met students involved in the program and talked about “Rule Your City” project in detail.

As per the information twenty more students will spend one month getting acquainted with the specifications of Rustavi City Hall’s work, Municipal services, and reforms. This will further highlight the importance of self governance and its role for better administration.

It is worth noting that the program “Rule Your City” has been running successfully for the second year. So far 94 students have participated in it and were also selected through online registration.

The mayor added that this would make the youth of the country intrested to take part in politics. She also added that the role of young people in local politics cannot be ignored.

On this occasio the participating students also shared their views and thoughts with the Mayor. As per some students the project is very beneficial for all the young people. They also added that the success of the program is reflected in the interest being shown by the youth to participate in the project.

Meanwhile the Rustavi city hall administration also added that they would make further efforts to continue this program in future as well. Rustavi city hall also took to their social media handles and shared the information about this latest held meeting. Many social media users appreciated the decision of the city hall to make the youth aware of the working and functioning of the local administrations.

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