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First flight of Somon Airlines of Tajikistan reaches Tbilisi airport

The first direct flight of Somon Air (Tajikistan's national air carrier) reached Tbilisi Airport today from Dushanbe.

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The first direct flight of Somon Air (Tajikistan’s national air carrier) reached Tbilisi Airport today from Dushanbe. The members of the flight crew was greeted by the management of Tbilisi and Batumi Airport, where a cake-cutting ceremony was also held.

The Airline has announced its plans to expand its network to Georgia and finally  the first flight touched down at Tbilisi Airport. This direct flight will have mutual benefits for the citizens of both the country. Tourist from each country will have the opportunity to  enjoy the hassle-free travel.


On May 15, while announcing air connectivity between the capitals of two countries, The Chief Executive Officer of Somon Air Abdulkosim Valiev  stated, “We are happy to announce the first direct flight to Tbilisi. This will work as an air bridge between both countries. The citizens of both countries will get the opportunity to experience the rich history, culture, tradition, and values of the other country.”

“We are very hopeful that this flight will bring the people from both countries closer together. This will also boost development and strengthen bilateral relations,” added the CEO.

In the initial phase the flight will take place once a week. However  after analyzing public respone  the frequency of flights could be enhanced.  It will depart from Dushanbe at 09:00 and from Tbilisi at 12:40 local time in the respective countries.

Somon Air is  leading airline of the Asian country Tajikistan which is also a member of the IATA (International Air Transport Association). Notbaly all the aircraft have been named after national heroes and historical figures of the country as a gesture of honur. At present the airline operates flights to almost twenty-five countries.

Some prominent countries covered by Somon Airlines included Germany, India, the United Arab Emirates, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, China, Iran, Russia, Kazakhstan, and Uzbekistan.  It is also worth mentioning that the interested person can contact 1133,+992 88 877 50 05, for further information or visit the official website for detailed information.

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