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ELLE magazine representative visits Georgia  

The national tourism administration of Georgia hosted the Journalists of the popular publication ELLE to apprise them about Georgia's tourism potential.

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Tbilisi: The national tourism administration of Georgia hosted the Journalists of the popular publication ELLE from the Hungary office. They will be apprised of Georgia’s tourism potential by the representative of the National Tourism Administration.

ELLE is a world-famous  influential fashion magazine. They visited the various places of the Georgian capital, Tbilisi. They also explored the capital’s culture, exhibition spaces, traditional cuisines, and local folk fashion trends.  It is also worth mentioning that the  Hungarian editorial office of ELLE fashion magazine is preparing an extensive article about Georgian hospitality.


The magazine’s story will additionally cover the country’s tourist potential, fashion, and culture. Stories about Georgian tourism will be available on the official ELLE website and on social networks for easy access by readers as well.  Notably, the National Tourism Agency of Georgia is responsible for boosting the country’s tourism sector. As Georgia  has many tourist attractions agency want to tap  the potential of tourism.

To this end the tourism administration has collaborated with many regional and international organizations and other stakeholders in the tourism sector.  The agency has already hosted representatives from many European and Asian countries to provide information about Georgian tourism opportunities.

The country is known as the homeland of the best quality wine. More than eight thousand years of wine-producing culture have attracked the wine lovers worldwide.  The Qvevri method of wine production is world-famous and originated in Georgia. During the visit  the magazine’s representatives also shared their  views.

Members of the delegation said this was one of the best foreign trips they had taken. They expressed their happiness and gratitude for the warm hospitality of the national tourism administration.  On the other hand, an official of the National Tourism Administration said that the agency is very committed to promoting Georgia as a top tourism destination.

Notably  the tourism sector is regarded as the backbone of any country’s economic development. Georgia, like other countries in the region is also taking steps in this direction.

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