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Georgian Prosecution Office: Fight Against Corruption Will Continue

The Prosecution Service of Georgia continue its fight against corruption. While releasing data on Corruption Prosecution Offcie said fight against Corruption in its top Priority.

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Tbilisi: The Prosecution Service of Georgia continue its fight against corruption. As per the Office, fighting against corruption is one of the top Priorities of the Agency.

According to the strategy of the Georgian Prosecutor’s Office for 2022-2027, the fight against corruption has been declared as one of the top priorities. Additionally Effective fight against corruption is a particularly important task in a democratic society like Georgia as corruption threatens the rule of law, democracy and human rights. The success of this battle depends on the reputation, working and effective functioning of the state bodies, agencies and organisations.


 It is worth mentioning that Corruption offences deserve special attention due to their specific dangers, quality of public risks and priorities of criminal policy,this is the main reason why the prosecutor’s office of Georgia is increasing the effectiveness of the fight against corruption.

As per the information available within the framework of the fight against corruption, in the first nine months of 2023, an investigation has been launched into 117 criminal cases related to corruption crimes committed in the public sector alone.

At the same time, during these nine months of 2023 the Georgian Prosecutor’s Office has started criminal prosecution against 99 persons for corruption crimes in the public sector.

On the other hand, in these nine months of 2023,

 criminal prosecution started against 88 persons who were employed in the public service at the time of corruption crime, and ten accused among them were high-ranking officials.

Similarly, in the first nine months of 2023, the court issued a verdict against 78 persons who were found involved in corruption crimes committed in the public sector.


Meanwhile, One of the priority areas of the Georgian Prosecutor’s Office is to conduct an effective investigation based on State Audit Service reports.

Till now, nine reports have been transferred from the State Audit Service to the Prosecutor’s Office of Georgia. On the basis of those reports, the investigation of five criminal cases was started and four reports were linked to previous criminal cases.

As far as the Data on starting criminal prosecution against the accused is concerned til now as a result of a legal response by the Prosecutor’s Office criminal prosecution has begun against five persons. It is worth noting that all of them were working in the public sector at the time when they committed this crime.

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