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Georgia: Fake news about explosives is being probed

The investigation agencies of Georgia are conducting an investigation into the fake news of explosives.

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The investigation agencies of Georgia are conducting an investigation into the fake news of explosives. There were reports on January 21 about possible explosive placement in different locations of Batumi City, Georgia.

It is to be specifically mentioned that regarding the received reports, special measures were carried out by the counterterrorist units of the State Security Service and the Ministry of Internal Affairs.


Under the special drives, there was a search operation launched in Batumi shopping centers and educational institutions, but no explosive substance or device was found anywhere.

It is to be added that by analysing the operational data obtained at this stage, it was found by the investigation agencies that the messages about the placement of explosive devices were made from outside the country.

However, the mobile phone numbers of Georgian minor citizens were deliberately indicated for undue influence and misguide the law enforcement agencies.

The official and representative of the enforcement agencies also added that an investigation is underway to conclude the successful conclusion of the cases involving false reporting about terrorism.


At the same time within the framework of ongoing operational and investigative measures to identify the originator of the messages, the agencies of the partner countries are also assisting the investigators.


The security services of the agency of Georgia also took to their social media page and provided information about this development.

The agency stated that “ we would like to inform the public that on December 30, 2023, and January 17, this year, false messages about the terrorist attack in “Gallery in Tbilisi” were received from abroad and it is related to the international network which involves the minors from different countries including Georgia”.

The agency also said that the initiators of the mentioned messages are a specific group of people abroad.The agency has been taking relevant special measures about the fact. Presently, the case is being investigated by the Counter-Terrorist Center of State Security Service.

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